How To Bring On Labor

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Amanda - August 22

My sister in law Just Drank the C___p it did nothing for her. Maybe she didnt Drink that much i dunno but all i know is that she almost gagged on it. The box says it tastes like rootbeer she said it tastes like you know what!!!


Solangel - August 28

I induced my own labor with castor oil for my last three boys. I drank about 3 tablespoons mixed with orange juice and each time I had a baby not more than 8 hours later. All were born without problems.


debbie - September 3

DO NOT DRINK CASTOR OIL!!! i know if your desperate you think you would do anything to get the baby out. well, if putting the baby in danger and the mother is worth it to you, then go for it. seriously gals, just be patient. castor oil made me so sick and AFTER i took it i went online to find out if anyone else was in as much pain (and not LABOR pain) as i was, and found out the possible side effects.


ginger - September 5

I took castor oil last night about midnight. I'm due in three days and I dont want my husband to miss too much work. I slept good and about 5 am the diarreah started. I didn't have cramping at all and only had to go to the bathroom every half hour to hour. It tastes best if you mix it well with grape juice then drink normal grape juice after. It's now almost noon the next day, and I've felt a few contractions an hour but they are not steady yet. The diarreah is all but gone and now I'm worried that it won't work so I'm going to try the s_x thing and a warm bath. I have to have this baby today so wish me luck.


Alex - September 8

how about the eggplant? does that really work? or...are there any other exercises you can do besides walking to induce labor?


Nikki - September 8

i am 38 weeks in half and cant wait to have the baby the s_xand walking sound like a good idea but the caserol oil is dangreous i have heard. though i am confused if i am having contractions i have pains similar to period ones. people say itshould feel like a tightning feeling i do not feel that well good luck to all the mothers to be!!!


Ashley - September 10

What is the deal with the Eggplant?


Kristen - September 12

DO NOT drink castor oil!! i drank half a bottle of that c___p and all it did was keep me in the bathroom for hours! It's absolutely NOT worth it and it doesnt work! The thing that worked for me was eating a whole raw potato. I know it sounds gross has enough potta__sium to put you into labor, i was 41 weeks and i tried that, 3 hours later....i was in labor!


Joni - September 15

I tried the caster oil idea and instead of bringing on labor all i did was c___p over and over all day.


Joni - September 15

I tried the caster oil idea and instead of bringing on labor all i did was c___p over and over all day. My friend who is also 39 weeks along did as well and she had the same results. You just make yourself more uncomfortable than anything.


jen - September 15

some of you mothers to be have foul language, especially when it comes to caster oil. I am 39 weeks and have been in and out of the hospital since 32 weeks for pre labour. They gave me stuff to stop the baby coming out and I really think it worked. I have alot of cramps, diareha and irregular contractions everyday and even leaked some water but nothing. I am getting desperate as I am so uncomfortable and having pain. Tried all of the things to naturally induce. I was already soft and 1 cm dialated at 32 weeks and now nothing seems to work. Not s_x, walking.... nothing. any other suggestions? I have considered caster oil if I go over 40 weeks as I was told I have to wait a min. of two weeks to be induced...


Morika - September 15

I have 3 children and tried caster oil with my third but it didn't work. Yes it gave me bad cramps, so bad that I went to the hospital but only to be sent home after hours on a darn monitor. My cousin tried it also and it didn't work for her either. I got her a bottle and mixed it with OJ but all it did was make her throw up. Now I have recently heard castor oil can put baby in great danger, so ladies I would advise against taking it. Very hot curries, along with s_x, hot baths and long walks work for some ppl but none worked for me. Two days before I was due to have my first baby, which was a wednesday, I was in alot of pain so off we went to the hospital, but after many hours they sent me home and told me to go for long walks. I did this and the pain became so unbearable that I returned to the hospital that night. But still, these pains were not contractions. However, they kept me in for observation and broke my waters on the friday afternoon which was my due date anyway. I wasn't in labour but I was in alot of pain so thats why they did it. A couple of days before I was due to have my second baby I was again in alot of pain so I tried all the same methods to bring on my labour on but again, none of them worked for me then either. Then my due date arrived and I woke up at 3am and had a show but I remained at home for as long as I could bear before going to hospital. I delivered my baby at 3:15 that afternoon. Now I know it's crazy but I tried all these methods along with the castor oil with my third baby also and still they didn't work for me. My third baby came a day late were as my first two were born on the dates they were both due. So caster oil did nothing but cause me to have needless pain. I hope all works out well for you and your new bundles of joy. God Bless you all.


LINDSAY - September 17

I am 3 days away from being 38 weeks and I'm 80% effaced with no dialation. My doctor told me to go home and drink 2 tbs. of Caster Oil and chase it down with a gla__s of O.J. She said if my body was ready to go into labor I would go and if not I'd just be really cleaned out. If you can ask your doctor to strip your membranes. They couldn't do that to me because I tested positive for Group B Strep. Good Luck everyone!!! (Caster Oil didn't work for me, I guess my little one just isn't ready yet!)


Alexis's Mama - September 19

I've heard that s_x will bring it on too. However, my hubby isn't comfortable doing "it" this late. My official due date is tomorrow....they plan on inducing on 9/27 if she doesn't come on her own.


sharon - September 20

it really scares me that you all are so desperate that you would try castor oil. I have also heard that it is very harmful to mother and baby. I am 38 1/2 weeks and would LOVE the baby to come TODAY but come on, ladies, we have waited this long - whats a few more days? For my last baby, i tried s_x, walking (miles and miles), VERY spicy food, raspberry leaf tea and everything else that people recommended that seemed safe. NONE of it made a BIT of difference. Babies come when they are ready, and that's that. PLUS - why hurry? Its just one more day of your life to change diapers, and believe me - there will be enough of those after your gorgeous baby decides to come on his or her own.


Sandra 38 weeks - September 22

Well, I'm almost 38 weeks and had contractions all day on Monday. I went to the doctor's office and I was not dilating at all. Not that I'm trying to rush the baby out but I'm extremely uncomfortable. I can't stand for too long, sit for too long, or even lie down for too long. I've been walking and I'm hoping this will work. I think tonight I'll try the s_x thing to see what happens. This is my third and the doctor told me the baby drops quicker after multiple pregnancies and that is why I'm so uncomfortable. Anticipation I guess also starts to set in. It is all I think about. Maybe a nice relaxing bath may help too. Well, I wish everyone a quick delivery (and of course a happy and healthy baby and mommy)



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