How To Bring On Labor

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Sandra 38 weeks - September 22

Well, I'm almost 38 weeks and had contractions all day on Monday. I went to the doctor's office and I was not dilating at all. Not that I'm trying to rush the baby out but I'm extremely uncomfortable. I can't stand for too long, sit for too long, or even lie down for too long. I've been walking and I'm hoping this will work. I think tonight I'll try the s_x thing to see what happens. This is my third and the doctor told me the baby drops quicker after multiple pregnancies and that is why I'm so uncomfortable. Anticipation I guess also starts to set in. It is all I think about. Maybe a nice relaxing bath may help too. Well, I wish everyone a quick delivery (and of course a happy and healthy baby and mommy)


Mommy-to-be - September 22

Well I have heard of so much stuff, nipple stimulation can actually take up to three hours before the contractions are strong enough, I drank rasberry leaf tea, and that does not work, castor oil can make your baby deficate in the amniotic fluid, which is dangerous, and having s_x does not seem to be working for me.....I am 40 weeks and am desperate...any other ideas???


frustrated mum to be - September 23

I am due in 1 day, but have had contractions for 8 weeks now, and last time they checked then I was already 1 cm dialated and I am tired as I''m sure most of you are. I had hemorrids cut open 6 weeks ago and drained half a dozen blood clots and now I have more and I was told by my dr. that they will be much worse in delivery and if they dont go away I will have to have them surgically removed. I have tried everything to bring on my little girl but nothing. I was even so desperate to try caster oil - I took 2.5 tbsp (not sure if that was enough). It didn't work. It wasn't so bad I have had a much worse case of the runs from some foods. I wanted to have the baby before the due date the 24th as my dr. goes on vacation for 2 weeks after that day. So I feel like I'm getting ripped off seeking out and seeing the same dr. for 40 weeks to have some stranger in maternity deliver my baby. This past week has been hard. I am swelling like mad in the face and my feet. I have lost my appit_te and I think I'm getting a cold from being so worn down. I have a very slow leak of amniotic fluid but not enough to be concerned. The dr. said no induction untill almost 2 weeks after the date if there is enough staff, a room etc. I feel I waited long enough. any other suggestions? I feel desperate and frustrated. I have lost the excitement of labour and now long for it to be over with. Best of luck to all you new mums to be and hope you not as down as I feel...


marion - September 25

rasberry leaf tea does not induce labor but if you drink it every day 6 weeks prior to delivery it will strengthen the uterus and your labor time will be shorter,i have been told it cuts labor in half and it has been used by woman for thousands of years with no harm to baby. in fact the antioxidants are reason enough to drink it. I am 37 weeks pregnant and i will let you know how it goes...


marnie - September 25

Induce labor with intercourse and a hot bath


jessica - September 28

im 36 week's and have been drinking raspberry leaf tea for the past couple of days and the tast is horrible! so im gonna try the s_x thing it will be more fun!


tera - September 28

Caster oil worked for me!! trook about 3 tbls and the contractions started 5 hours later baby was born 1 1/2 hours after that it was great and I would do it again...


Maureen - September 28

I am one week away from my due date now and I asked my Dr. if Castor Oil is good to take to induce Labour. So, this is VERY IMPORTANT for all of you to know this. Castor OIl is VERY DANGEROUS for the baby, because it WILL bring on Contractions, and it WILL give you Diarreah, but it will Also Give The Baby Diarreah and that is VERY BAD, because it does NOT Nessisarily mean you will give birth and the baby living in Amunotic Fluid in your body with the Diarreah in it is VERY BAD for the baby and can cause really BIG HEALTH PROBLEMS. So, for all of you who was wondering about it as I was, DON'T TAKE CASTOR OIL to induce yourself into Labour as it is VERY DANGEROUS. If I helped even one person who will read this I will be very happy indeed. Anyways, ask your Dr. to confirm if you don't believe me. Thanks. Maureen, A Lady In Waiting.


sheila -3rd pregnancy - September 28

Labor will happen eventually; but my favorite way is to have unbeleivable s_x!


teesha - November 17

i did the castor oil and it did give me the runs along with some contractions that lasted for hours but i did not go into labor. i'm due next week on the 27 and i'm still pregnant. i'm gonna give it another try and if it does not wok than i'll just wait it out.


nichol - November 23

i am 38 weeks and 75% effaced and 2 cm I am ready to get this baby out....Please help


doe - November 28

The only way that all of those natural labor inducers wrk is if you are already dialated. That's why it doesn't work for some people, because their cervix is not ripe.


Sara - November 28



Mara - December 4

Oh my goodness--some of your responses are so funny and are giving me a great laugh. I am 40 weeks and have tried blue and black cohosh, castor oil, walking, s_x, two membrane strippings, and nipple stimulation. Blah, blah, blah. I really think it's a matter of the baby coming out whenever they're good and ready. This has all been a good lesson of patience for me. But hey! The closest I may have come to "bringing on" labor was eating spicy foods. (We have a lot of AWESOME spicy foods here in New Mexico!) Hang in there, ladies. I'm with ya. :)


barbra - December 6

Castor Oil does not work in the least bit. I'm 41 weeks and I've tried it 3 times. All it did was make me have contractions and diarreah. It's not worth taking- it has a horrible taste and does nothing. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea also didn't do anything for me. I've heard it said that Evening Primrose oil- 500 mg's a day for 4 days work. I haven't tried it though. All I know is, I'm fed up of trying so many different things because I don't want to be induced, and nothing is working. so... I'm letting nature take its toll.


LeAnne - December 7

I've read everybodys responses but i think none of them work, because i've been having s_x throughout all of my pregnancy and i'm 37 weeks, not quite ready to give birth yet, but to me there's no such thing because the baby will come when it's ready, not you



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