How To Bring On Labor

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LeAnne - December 7

I've read everybodys responses but i think none of them work, because i've been having s_x throughout all of my pregnancy and i'm 37 weeks, not quite ready to give birth yet, but to me there's no such thing because the baby will come when it's ready, not you


jessica - December 8

im 37 weeks and have a one year old so you know im ready to have this baby, but ive tried everything and nothing worked..


Tiffany - December 11

I think the baby will come when its his/her time. I had my first daughter at 18 I was induced at 36 weeks and had a 5lb 11oz baby girl when I was 21 I had a baby girl at 34 weeks and she was 6lbs 11oz now I am 24 and 35 weeks I have been on bed rest and in pre-labor for 3months they have me on meds that stop labor. I am so sick of being like this. so i feel for all of you that want to have your baby. My friend just had her baby 2 weeks ago and she drank 3ml of castrol oil in OJ and had him 1hr later. so no matter what you try good luck anf have a good time like tring the s_x. i am on plevic rest untill i have her so i can't try that.


v - December 11

the best way is s_x and nipple stimulation it worked great and fast and i didnt even know i was iin labor until i was in the hospital 3 centimeters dialated and contractions were 3 minutes apart



I am a doctor. CASTOR OIL IS DANGEROUS. It can dehydrate you, and that is very harmful to you and your baby. If your body does not go into labor, YOUR BABY IS NOT READY TO BE BORN! WHY, AFTER ALL THIS TIME WOULD YOU KNOWINGLY PUT YOUR BABY IN DANGER?? Semen will only soften your cervix. It is NOT the same chemical we use in the hospital. It is not even close to the same chemical. It will soften your cervix, giving you "a more favorable cervix for delivery." The warm bath is ONLY SAFE IF YOUR MUCUS PLUG IS STILL IN PLACE! If your mucus plug is gone, and you sit in a warm bath, you can introduce all kids of harmful bacteria to the baby. A friend of mine told me about this site (and others like it) and I was mortified by what I found here. PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ JUST BECAUSE IT IS WRITTEN DOWN! THE WOMEN WHO HAD "LUCK" WITH THESE METHODS ARE JUST THAT, LUCKY!!! SOME WERE SO FAR ALONG THAT THEY WOULD HAVE PROBABLY GONE INTO LABOR JUST THE SAME. YOU ARE NOT FULL TERM UNTIL 38 WEEKS. YOUR BABY IS NOT READY TO BE BORN UNTIL 38 WEEKS. SOME BABIES ARE SMALL AT 38 WEEKS AND USE THE EXTRA TIME JUST TO GAIN WEIGHT SO THEY ARE MORE ADEPT TO DEALING WITH BEING BORN AND THE NEW WORLD THEY ARE BROUGHT INTO. THERE IS A REASON FOR EVERYTHING YOUR BODY DOES, OR MORE TO THE POINT, DOES NOT DO.


demonica - December 14

i suggest marathon shopping. or walking alot anyways. walking seems to progress dilation.


mom to be - December 15

i am 39 weeks and i tried the castor oil last week about 4 oz. the next morning i went to the hospital with contractions about 1 min. apart but could not dialate i was sent home about 9 hrs. later the contractions had stoped. they said it was false labor. i would love more input on what to try s_x and the nipple thing hasnt worked eather. i have contractions all the time but i am not able to dialate due to scar tissue from 2 different sergurys i had to remove cancer cells from my cervix. good luck to all of you mommy to be's. let me if anyone has any different ideas.inow looking at a c- section after already have 2 children naturaly.


marie - December 15

castor oil did not work for me any suggestions im 39 weeks and as big as a house please HELP!


angela - December 17

i think you should wait till the due date


Erica Blackford - December 18

I am 38 weeks pregnant + I have not done anything to help my body get ready for labour i.e ma__sage my perniuem to stop it from tearing, I was wondering if it is too late to do something?


kerrie - December 18

i would not take castor oil my friend ended up in hostpital with very high blood pressure , it made her very ill im on my 4th pregnancy now and im 36 wks and carnt wat to get the baby out as iv been in labour at 32wks but they stopped me with hormone drugs im in pain all the time and like u want it over with but the only things i would try my self in a few weeks are pineapples as this help with my second baby , walking , rasberry leaf tablets or the tea or s_x they r all safe , the pineapple thing i had a full large tin of the chunks at 38 wks with me 2nd child at the night time and in the morning i was having contractions and had her at 12.13am the next morning i was only in hospital for 6 hours before i gave birth to her at 8lb 7 oz my third baby came at 38 wks on his own with no help or even trying to help i hope this helps good luck .


Kristan - December 20

It's true for almost every pregnant woman.. Exp. after 36 - 37 weeks. All you can think about is holding your new little miracle, and getting rid of your overly swollen feet... But, the honest best thing to do is continue to be active, and patient... Walking does help dilate you, and s____n in s_x does help soften your cervix. But neither one of these , nor any other method is going to garantee that you go into labor. The only thing that's going to put you in labor is your baby, and body being ready. You've waited this long ( 8 to 9 months ) what is one to 3 more weeks?!!?!


Victoria - December 21

How can i bring on labor now. i am 40 weeks


Audrey - December 28

I'm 37 weeks pregnant today. Last night I decided to take half a bottle of castor oil in Tropical Blend V8 Splash. Nasty, not as much but did it work? Well.... Had it worked I'm pretty sure I still wouldn't be typing at this computer. More than likely I'd be holding my son in my arms instead of rubbing this big ol stomach hoping he feels my touch. I can not say that it doesn't work, just didn't do anything to me. Not even diarrhea. Nothing! Well, to those who have any other suggestions please post but I am going to try this one more time and if it doesn't work I am going to give up and allow my son to make his debut whenever he is good and ready!!! :-) Good luck guys.


scgmom - December 31

Please, please DO NOT USE CASTOR OIL! All of you who did and your babies were fine were just lucky. I was 10 days overdue with my first baby and my mom told me to take castor oil, I didn't know better and so I did. She ended up with meconium in the amnioctic fluid and when she was born was purple and blue and they had to take her right away to resusitate her. I thank God that she is ok, but it was not worth it.


Jessie - January 5

i dunno..i'm 38 weeks and i wanna have this baby now! i think i'm gonna try a potato like that one chick said. and tomorrow try s_x, the nipple stimulation hasn't worked yet, but i'm still hopeful..good luck girls



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