How To Estimate Weight Of Baby

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... - December 1

Today I had an ultrasound at the hospital (I'm 31.5wks) and I was hoping to get an estimate of how much he weighs, but the ultrasound tech said she couldn't tell me anything only the doctor was allowed to talk to me about the baby.... oooooohkay? Needless to say I was dissappointed, all she told me was that his head is 8.6 cm in diameter and that they usually get about 10cm (makes sense to me!). Anyways, from experience does anyone think that is about a normal size for his head, or any guesses on his weight?


ErinJoy - December 2

According to one of the books I read it says roughly 3 lbs around this time. I left it at home and I'm at work but I'm at 30 weeks and that's what I last read for myself. Hope that helps!


... - December 2

The ultrasound was because I was measuring large and the doctor thought maybe I had polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid). Well I just got off the phone with the doc and he said everything is fine, but I'm going to have a big baby! He said he's already at least 5lbs if not more and this is just week 31!!! I'm relieved everything is alright... but this baby is definitly taking after me (I was 10lbs!!)


janet - December 2

hi...i had an ultrasound last friday abd the tech told me my son is already 4.5lb approx....she said "you got alotta baby in there" lol i am currently 30 weeks.


... - December 3

Janet... are you worried about the size? At first I was relieved, but the more I think about it I'm feeling a little nervous about such a big baby!


Janet - December 8

Yes I am a little concerned about having to deliver a big baby but she said if he is too big I will have a C sec. Whatever is meant to be will be I guess!


Jen - December 8

A friend and myself are due about a week apart and she received news from the ultrasound that her baby is 8 1/2# and she still has three weeks left. Also his head is really big! What news to get. Then she was told that he wasn't as big as they thought but his head could pose a problem. My doc said I had a lot of fluid but a normal size baby, but man it doesn't feel that way. My opinion- they don't know what they are talking about-it's a guessing act if anything. Just wait and find out without worrying yourself.



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