How To Induce Labor

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kellie - April 29

i'm a week late too and nothing is working so i'm going to try a hot curry tonight lets hope it works.


Jill - April 30

Hey I figured it out all of us are having Taurus babies and taurus are very stubborn thats why our babies are taking there time, I was born 4/21 my mom said I was 20 days overdue because I really wanted to be a Taurus.


ashley - June 20

well i'm in my eighth month does anyone have any advice on what i should do to induce my labor


Meghan - June 23

I was told by many people it's actually healthy to drink RED wine during pregnancy, now don't over do it, but i heard it's perfectly safe and even good for the baby and mother. I'm at the end of my pregnancy and i haven't yet had any wine, but i'm desperate to finally give birth i think i'll resort to pretty much anything.. Good luck


maid and wife - June 29

No! I haven't heard of that. The only advice I can give you is to wait. The baby will come. I have 4 kids and they all were 2 weeks late, I went from drinking castor oil, to jumping double dutch, my babies came when they were ready and not a minute too soon. Take care and good luck!


Sabrina - June 29

I'm 39 weeks and have had a few gla__ses of wine within the last couple of weeks (not more than one gla__s /time though) and it hasn't started my labor. I didn't drink it to induce... only to relax a little and because I was told it's healthy for you and has no harmful affects on baby. However, I agree with maid... the baby will come when it's ready. Trying to induce your own labor before the baby is ready can be dangerous especially if you're before 37/38 weeks. I know it's hard (anxiety sets in) because I, myself, have tried nipple stimulation, lots of walking, and even s_x to induce mine. NOTHING worked. I believe some methods working for some women to induce.. but now truly believe they worked, because they were "ready" to deliver anyways and these things might've helped in getting the process started that would've started naturally in another day or two. At least that's what I'm going to tell myself because otherwise I get jealous that none of it worked for me. Being that I'm now 39 weeks and have tried for the last 2 weeks, I'm saying to hell with it. It only makes the anxiety worse because I'll do something like nipple stimulation.. and "O here comes a contraction, is this the time??? Did it work??" only to be let down a 1/2 hour later when they subside. I'm just going to wait patiently now for her. My doctor told me she wont let me go past 2 weeks and perhaps even 1 week if my cervix has started to progress. So 3 weeks TOPS... I can wait!


lilly - July 7

hi, i am 38 weeks, and two days ago i lost my mucus plug.that night i had contractions. last night i had s_x coz i heard it induces labor but nothing yet. this is my first baby and i want it out now!!! i've been a smoker but at the early stages of my pregnancy i felt seek just by smelling the smoke. now that am in the end i smoke about 7 cigs a day and i feel so quilty. i hope it doesnt effect the baby, my doctor said no, but still i dont feel good but i need it coz i am anxous


lilly - July 7

ashley its safe to induce labor after 37 weeks and not sooner


sara - July 7

i am 38 weeks pregnant and i lost my mucus plug 3 days ago. i have been drinking rasberry leaf tea since sunday and had s_x. i have also tried nipple stimulation but no luck. he still moves around alot and likes to kick me as hard as possible making my stomach look like something out of alien. he is stubborn just like his father so i dont hold out much hope that it will be soon. does anyone have any tips on how to get asleep at night as i just cant drift off.


Lisa - July 13

Sara- yau can try benadryl to help you go to sleep. my childbirth teacher said it was ok as long as you don't take more than the recommended dose. I take 1/2 the dose about 1-2 x a week if i really need sleep


Savannah - July 13

Drinking can cause learning disabilities and a host of other problems. To bring on labor drink castor oil and OJ or any other kind of juice.As long as the baby is ready it can start the labor process. Just don't over do or you will have the runs also.


Jenny - July 13

I took castor oil at 1pm yesterday and started having regular contractions about 3:30 this morning and I am still having them about 3-5 minutes apart. I just came back from my doctor and she told me to wait and see if the contractions become more painful. So I dont know if the castor oil works or not yet


nikki - July 14

i am 38 weeks its my 1st baby my mucus plug came out on monday its now wandsday i tryed walking s_x but nothing is working i dont know what to do


jennfier - July 15

dose castor oil work to induce labor


ashley - July 15

castor oil does not work.i tried it like two weeks ago in i'm still 37 weeks pregnant


monica - July 17

to ashley, why would you want to induce labor at 35 weeks? I am 38 weeks and dont want to try anything to induce labor.,...this is my second one so I am scared. Plus I am really enjoying my maternity leave time.



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