How To Induce Labor

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monica - July 17

to ashley, why would you want to induce labor at 35 weeks? I am 38 weeks and dont want to try anything to induce labor.,...this is my second one so I am scared. Plus I am really enjoying my maternity leave time.


- July 17

s_x, s_x AND MORE s_x


ashley - July 17

yea well thats baby is fully developed an he's to big thats why


monica - July 17

not trying to be a smart b___t, just curious why you wanted to induce labor at 35 weeks.


Judy - July 17

I'm gonna try Red Wine tonight.. I'm 39 weeks. Wish me luck!


h - July 18



elvia - July 19

i tried the castor oil at 4 pm yesterday and it has given me the worst diarhea in my life.within 2 hours after taking it. i do not recomend it since i am still with little Anna in me. my friends told me it worked for them. i guess each individual takes it different. i might try s_xt tonight. my due date is july 23rd, and it seems like its farther away than x-mas. wish me luck and good to all of yall!


Jessika - July 28

F. A. S. does NOT occur from drinking hard liquor. Its from drinking any excessive amount of alcohol. However, one bottle of beer, 8 oz of wine, or one shot of hard liquor, is thought to be safe for your baby. But why risk it?


aprill - July 30

does black cohosh work for induceing labor


Rachael - July 30

I know that the day I'm due I'm plan walking ALOT, having s_x, eating spicy food-tabasco(sp?) sauce(even though I know that doesn't usually work, it worked for my mom a couple of times-she has 5 kids), and I will have a gla__s of wine to relax.


AYESHIA - July 31



Jess - July 31

Unless you are for a fact over 42 weeks you shouldn't try to make labor start. Baby isn't ready, that's why it hasn't happened. Baby comes when he/she is ready, not you.


amanda - July 31

my dr told me you are NOT suppose to take any kind of laxative during pregnancy and thats all castor oil is.


Olivia - August 10

I really cannot believe any mother would consider any chance like that


tee - August 11

no i havent but i understand i am also overdue and at my wits


Lizzie - August 16

Well i am mexican and in some mexican families its believed that Manzanilla tea works to induce labor, and if your already contracting it works to have a faster labor. i am 38 weeks and im planning on drinking it as soon as i feel a contraction. You can find the tea at any food for less or market. also how you make it is simply putting water to boil and in a cup put the tea bag in there until it turns a pretty dark color add sugar if you want.



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