How To Induce Labor

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Milaine - January 25

thank you very much for those helpful tips i will try them, and good luck with you pregnancy


Aryn - January 31

Good day ladies! This is the first time I am looking into this. I am almost 36 weeks, so very sore, my back hurts and my pelvic bones have been sore for the last month. Hurts to walk around sometimes! I had an ultrasound yesterday and baby is 6 or more pounds, I have been drinking raspberry tea to stregthen my bones but I feel nauseous and starting to have the runs. Is it too early to start naturally inducing myself? My 2 babies were 10 pounds each and both 10 days late, I really don't want that again. Any ideas would help. Thanks!


Aryn - January 31

Also, this is the first time I have ever heard of Castor Oil. What is it and what is it used for?


jldaniels - January 31

Babies at 36 weeks are considered full term if born but just be careful. Nothing will work if your body is not prepared. They say castor oil stimulates the bowels which can bring on contractions because your bowels are right next to your uterus. It didn't work for me but it works for a lot of people. I guess my body was just not ready.


Aryn - January 31

Thank you I think I will give that a try, maybe wait another week. How do I take the Castor Oil and where would I buy this from?


jldaniels - January 31

Aryn, I took 2 ounces. Some people say take 4 but it was hard enough getting the 2 down. It really is horrible stuff. I tried it by itself first then I had to break down and take it with orange juice. You also want to keep juice or coke around because once you start burping you will taste the castor oil. It really wasn't that bad after I got it down but getting it down was pretty bad. I just kept gagging. lol


Aryn - January 31

Hi again, you have been so helpful! Thank you! Where do I buy Castor Oil?


jldaniels - February 1

Aryn, I got mine from a drug store but Wal Mart has it as well. I didn't see it in the laxative department the first day I went in and I was too embarra__sed to ask someone so I called the next day and asked if they sold it and the lady was like "yeah" and I asked if she could hold a bottle at the register for me. When I pisked it up I was real embarrased because the lady was like "What do you need this for?". Before I even answered she smiled and said "I took it with my last pregnancy and was at the hospital 4 hours later and had my baby 2 hours later." lol


Aryn - February 1

Thank you so much!! I will let you know what happens. I won't try it for another week though. Just to be on the safe side.


Aryn - February 9

Hi again...well I am 37 weeks and still so sore, my pelvic bones are a killer! It is hard to get up. I am wondering what color the mucus is when you lose your plug? I am discharging a thick mucus now for the last few days. I am not sure what that is or if it is how long is it before I begin labor? I haven't tried inducing myself at all, kinda chicken but we'll see how much longer because I am so tired..


crystal74 - February 9

i heard from lots of women that castor oil will give you flu like symptoms and if you go into labor you'll be pooping your brains out and sick as a dog. doesn't seem worth it to me. you need to be 100% to push that baby out


Cevvin - February 11

instead of drinking dangerous alcohol, why dont you try walking and nipple stimulation to help things along


SammyStar - February 12

I'm going to be 37 weeks on Wednesday and I've been having contractions since week 26. Until last week I was on bed rest and medication to stop the contractions. Now I'm off the medication and I'm having contractions but they just don't get any stronger. I tried walking and rasberry leaf but so far nothing. I'm so tired and uncomfortable I'm thinking of trying castor oil but I'm a bit of a whimp and I'm scared of c___pping all over the delivery room. Does it really work?? I also tried examining my own cervix but I'm not really sure what I'm feeling for. Has anybody else done this? All I can feel is a squidgy mess and I the babies head behind it!!


redhead125 - February 12

God knows we could all use a drink or two as we near the end of our pregnancy! No one is more deserving! I've had a small drink once in a while throughout my 3rd trimester, but have never heard of it bringing on labor.


sbyrd - February 13

I am 38w 4 d. My next appt is tomorrow and the dr. said that they will induce if I am at least dilated or effaced. Over the past week I have tried s_x, (at least twice a day) EPO, a gla__s of wine, hours of nipple stimulation, bounceing on a ball, and castor oil. If I am not at least dilated to a 1 tomorrrow I am going to go craxy!!! I will let ya'll know how it goes~!


Aryn - February 13

hi ladies...ok i am at my wits end here! i haven't been so sore like this with my last 2 pregnancies. my pelvic bones and pains in my front abdomen are getting worst but no sign of labor. I am really, really tired. I have had s_x, hot baths, walked, drank raspberry tea to stregthen my bones, I am not sure what else to do? does anyone have any suggestions? I feel my baby boy is ready but he needs a little push or help to get started. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated right now...please....:( I also have a doctors appt in the morning and was hoping I would be showing some kind of progress down there so she would see that i am ready!!!



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