How To Tell The Little Kids

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Rainbowbrite - December 13

I am just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to tell little kids you're pregnant! yes i'm 6.5 months pregnant and we're ready to tell the little boys we're pregnant. They are 5 and 6yrs old. (these are my boyfriends kids from a previous relationship) and we wanted to wait until i started showing and well it is getting harder to hide although i do think we could still hide it another month or so! i have a pregnant belly but not anything a baggy shirt can't hide! =) But we really are at the point we want to tell them but honestly they are having a little sister and you know girls have cooties and are gross (to little boys) so i'm just wondering if you have any advice on how to tell them? Or any previous experiences... We are not sure how they will take it and maybe they'll not be phased by it at all... but you never can tell with young ones, ya know?


Buffi R. - December 14

I have a five year old boy, and in our case, we just told him that mommy was having a baby and he'd be a big brother the day I took the pregnancy test. I felt like I should tell him (he was second to know after DH) before we told anyone else, but that was probably too soon with miscarriage risks, etc. Fortunately everything turned out fine. He knew that we had been trying to have a baby although we never really talked to him about it. His teachers at school told us he would talk about there all the time, so somehow kids just know. He seemed pretty excited to hear we were having a baby, and said he wanted it to be a boy. When we found out it's a girl, he seemed a little confused but didn't mind. I wish I had some good ideas for ways to tell them, but in our case, our son was excited either way, especially as things got closer.


jenessa - December 14

I have a three year old and we told him as soon as we found out ourselves. Of course, at three, he probably doesn't quite get the whole jist of it. He knows there's a baby in my stomach and that it has to get bigger before it can come out. He constantly kisses my bulging belly and asks everyday if she can come out yet because he wants to show her how to play with his toys. He's taken it well. I would hope that your boys will also take it well. My three year old is also from a previous relationship, so it's nice that he's not upset about our family changing in this way. If I have any advice for you, it would be to present it to them with excitement, because more than likely they will take on whatever feelings you have yourself about the pregnancy. If you're happy, then it will spill over for them to be happy about as well. Good luck!


sarah21 - December 16

My brother was 7 when I was born and he was excited. My mom hyped it up a lot so that he viewed me as his baby, too, and he had no problem with me being a girl at all. We got along great and still do to this day. The boys will take it the way you present it-- if you present it as an exciting, cool thing, they'll be excited too.


sarah21 - December 16

Oh and letting them feel the baby kick and stuff is really good for the bonding, too.



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