How Will I Know If I Am In Labor

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Susanna - May 22

I have had Brax Hicks since 20 weeks, so contractions, sometimes many, strong and frequent, are part of my regular day. If I don't break my water or lose my mucous plug, how will I know my contractions are the real thing. I am 38 weeks.


nicole - May 23

in the same exact situation, as of right now they seem pretty regular but im not sure so i dont know if i shoulld call.


Lyssa - May 23

I was wondering the same thing but I *knew* when it was the real thing. It was weird, I was calm and, for the first time in my whole pregnancy, my husband was the one freaking out.


Anna - May 23

Most likely, the contractions will be so strong that you cannot speak through them and have to lean against someone or something. Only in retrospect do they say, "Oh, that's why I had a backache all day yesterday . . . " or "So that's why my hips ached constantly . . . "


Katharine - May 23

My real contractions were different from the BH. They started in a different place and had a different "feel" to them. Also, I had the same experience as Lyssa. I just woke up and knew that I was in labor, even though the contractions weren't bad yet. I just felt different. I was totally calm, took a shower (didn't want to go to the hospital dirty...) and went to the bathroom (scared of needing an enema), then called the hospital. I was kind of fun waking up my husband with the news : ) Also, along the lines of Anna's comment, looking back, I remember that I couldn't sleep the night before, which is odd since I had been exhausted for most of my pregnancy. I was up at midnight, making gravy, because that is what I had to have to eat right then! I think this time, I'll know its time because of the difference in my usual routine and the way my body feels.


Toya - May 23

I knew I was in labor, because my contractions started in my lower back and radiated to my lower abdomen...I also couldn't keep down water in the beginning of labor. I was able to talk through my contractions, but I had the urge to rock back and forth for relief.



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