HSV 1 Genital Herpes

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Lisa - September 24

I was just wondering if any of you ladies have had a herpes out break while you were pregnant and what did you do? Is there any harm to the baby during pregnancy?


sandra - September 24

yes i found out i had herpes when i was pregnant they gave me valtrex and told me if i had an outbreak during birth i would have to have a c-section but i think the baby is protected in the sac it keeps germs out. good luck


lisa - September 24

did you already deliver the baby? Did they keep a close eye to make sure you weren't having an outbreak at the time of delivery?


to lisa - September 25

How far along are you?


c - September 25

I had an outbreak every 2 months with my first pregnancy. I did not take any medication for it. Warm baths helped. No harm done to the baby, i did have a c-section but not b/c of the outbreaks. I am presently 29 weeks and only had one outbreak this far into the pregnancy. And again scheduled for another c-section, not related to the outbreaks.


lisa - September 25

I am 21 weeks along, and had a very small outbreak this week. I've only had my original outbreak besides this one and that was almost 2 years ago. I didn't take any medication either, and was just worried about getting another one around the time of delivery


c - September 26

Ask your doctor, sometimes they give valtrex before delivery to decrease chances of an outbreak. Becareful, everytime i took it to dodge an outbreak i got it instead. Somehow the medication triggers an outbreak for me.


... - September 26

I have them too. Haven't had an outbreak since I got pg. I'm 37 wks. I have a prescription for Acylavir I have to start this week. She said since I've had it for 4 years that it's very unlikely that anything would pa__s on to the baby since it's not my first outbreak. That's when it can be dangerous. I haven't had any problems yet and I don't know why I have to take the meds. Stress usually brought my outbreaks and I've never been so stressed as I have the last 9 months. I mean BAD stress and never had a problem. I don't believe I have a strong strain. I might get a tiny spot every 6-9 months if that before I got pg. I never even think about having them I guess. I've never taken meds to treat them either as they're so minor. As long as you're not breaking out during labor, you're okay. My doc even said even if you were and it wasn't your first time, it's rare it pa__ses on to the baby but they still like to get you on meds to make sure it won't happen. Good luck!


anothermom - September 26

I started Valtrex at 36 weeks to avoid outbreak, since I hd had some lesions (although wasn't sure they were recurrence, didn't get tingling or other symptoms). The dr freaked me out by saying if there were any lesions, I would have to have a c-section just to be safe. I did a lot of research on transmission to the baby and had pretty much decided that, even if I did have an outbreak at delivery, I would still go v____al. Luckily, it wasn't an issue and had no problems. To answer your question, though, if it is recurrent, there isn't much worry for baby if you have an outbreak during pregnancy. If it is during delivery, there is more risk. i would recommend a lot of research. Most drs will want to go ahead with c-section if there is an active recurrance at birth, most midwives will deliver v____ally with some precautions.



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