Hubby Looking At Porn

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disappointed - July 27

Ok, i understand that I am pregnant and huge, and I do not have a problem with my husband looking at p___n (now or before I was pregnant) However, i do have a problem with the fact that he keeps downloading pics of real people. More specifically, girls we know. ( his friends girlfriend and a firl who works for us) I have found them on the computer before and deleted them, thinking he would get the point. But, now, after deleting them 3 times already, here they are again. I am trying to be subtle about this, but it is KILLING ME!!! I already feel like shit because I am big and he never makes me feel like he is even remotely interested in me. So, i have been the one starting everything when it comes to s_x. But, i just feel defeated, how can I try when I know that he is looking at these girls??? Also, they are tramps, so I just know that he could get action from them if he asked ( not that I think he would, but they live 5 mins from us) It is different than staring at some p___n star that you will never see in a million years, and having pics of girls he knows and sees on a regular basis. Please help, this is ruining me!


Amber M. - July 28

I would confront him! Tell him you found these pictures, and it upsets you that he would be looking at these girls he knows. Me, personally would tell it like it is! You don't need to put up with that kind of thing while you're pregnant!


Melissa - July 28

I feel like I have invaded his privacy, so im having a hard time trying to confront him about this. I just dont know how to bring it up....It really is making me crazy though. Any ideas on how I could bring this up. I dont really want to start an argument about it or anything, I just want to let him know that this is not ok for him to do, and that it makes me feel awful.


m - July 28

ur husband is a pervert and being unfair to you!!!! speak up and tell him like it is!!!!


Amber M. - July 28

I would confront him by letting him know you were on the computer & found these pictures that really disturbed you. You can bring it up in a calm voice, but I would make it clear to him that you don't ever want to see these pictures again! Tell him you are hurt that he would even have interest in these girls, and you feel like he is unattracted to you by looking at this stuff. Just tell how you feel, don't hide your emotions! You shouldn't feel like you are invading his privacy, you are his wife, and the computer is yours too right? You just happen to find this stuff on there and have every right to confront him about it, especially when you have a child on the way! You don't want to find this kind of stuff on there!


Jbear - July 28

I can imagine how you feel. My husband looks at p___n online and I'm fine with that. We've been married 8 years and he's never been secretive about liking p___n. But I would be really angry if he was looking at pictures of people we know. It's one thing to look at anonymous pictures, or pictures of people who make a living posing nude. It's totally different to look at your neighbor or coworker, or someone like that. If it were my husband, I'd mention it to him, probably in a joking way, like "I don't care what kind of pictures you get off to, but I don't want you looking at pictures of the tramps down the street," or something like that. Then judge from his response how the rest of the discussion goes. You'll feel better after you talk to him...I always feel better b___hing at my husband than keeping it all bottled up inside.


??? - July 28

Do these girls know he has their pictures? If he doesn't stop it, tell him you are bringing the subject up in public when they are in company. hehe


Julie - July 28

I am the worst person to ask about this subject! I dated this guy for years who was so into p___n is was unusual if you know what I mean. I think it is degrating towards woman and disrespectful towards you in your pregnant state. Tell your husband how it makes you feel especially since you are carrying his child. How would he like it if he were a whale and you were looking at naked pictures of Brad Pitt?


P... - July 28

Sorry Ladies, but that is something I would not tolerate...whether or not he knows the girls, videos, online stuff, NOTHING! Marriage is supposed to be a sacred enviroment between a husband and wife, and granted all are human, (but some can be pigs!) but in my oppinion, there is no allowanace for that c___p. It's awful and only leads many people to start feeling insecure and doubtful of their relationships. Things can easily escalate from there.. Just my thoughts though.... :)


T. - July 28

P. - I totally agree with you. If you're married, your husband's eyes should only be on you! If you let them look at p___n, that can lead to other things. If you really love your husband, how can him lusting over other women's not affect you negatively? I think that you have to be lying to yourself if you say you're okay with that! Anywho, good luck!


T. - July 28

Oops...*women's bodies*


crystal - July 29

My husband look's at p___n online, but it doesn't bother me b/c he's not obsessed with p___n, and I don't see it as a big deal b/c none of them can compare to me and I know that for a fact,BUT I would have a problem with him looking at girls that we know. You said one is of a woman that works for u? see that's a big problem b/c that means he's interacting with her on a daily bases then coming home and looking at her, and the other is his friends girlfriend? does his friend know this? You need to to say something about this who gives a s**t if u "invaded his privacy" he's disrespecting you. A man will only do to u what you let him.


Aisha - July 29

I dont get it. Porn is Porn. Just because he knows the women hes looking at shouldnt make it any different from the women that he doesnt know online. He gets the same satisfaction from both venues...why is it mentally so different when he doesnt know them. Shoot why dont you get a cam corder and do a s_xy video for him? I mean if he needs s_xy images then give him some of his very least he can put that erection to good use


Julie - July 29

I think since he knows the women it is worse because then these women become a realistic fantasy.


E - July 29

Are these nude pics of these women, and how did he get them? My hub looked and still looks at p___n. I was glad b/c he left me alone in my third tri. What you are describing would bother me immensely. I would not be subtle about it, either. There is a huge difference btw looking at women you can't have, and looking at women that you can have.


soleil - July 29

Mann thats messed up. I also have no problem with my bf watching p___n even though he doesnt really like that. But looking at pictures of other woman he knows?? Now thats messed up, i mean how would he feel if it was the other way around. You being pg shouldnt be an excuse for him to do that, I think you should confront him about it. Just be like that you were on the computer and the picture file was already opened but minmized so u clicked on it to see what it was and thats when u saw it.


babygirl - July 29

i was just wondering are the real pictures nude or like normal pictures of friends??? you didn't specify about this and we might be misunderstanding you.. if they are nude or something like that how is he getting them, are they giving them to him??... is he taking them??? you should know this questions in order to know how to act... and ask yourself why is he interested in them... don't be afraid of confronting him after all you are his wife and deserve respect and faithfulness .... i'm not trying to be mean but what makes you think he is interested only their pictures. the key point is how is he getting the pictures and then you will know if they are really your friends.... good luck and again don't be afraid you have the right to say something



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