Hurting Under Your Ribs

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Tess - March 5

h__lo. just wanted to ask if anyone else is experiencing this problem. i noticed that after ive eaten something (whether its a snack or meal) 5-10 mins. ill get this pain under my ribs? it is mostly on my left side and not on my right? (how weird is that?) my dr said its gas but i dont agree w/ him. it feels like the baby is squeezing something there? Im 29wks/2days pg. Help pls!


Alycia - March 5

I get exactly the same thing, but it's on my right side. I recently read (it was only mentioned in one of the many books I've looked at) that rib pain is a rare pregnancy side effect that is often caused by gallbladder malfunction, although it's usually on the right side, not the left. It's not a big deal at all and there's nothing that needs to be done about it... it's just an effect of your pregnancy hormones and it will go away after delivery. It is annoying, isn't it? I find it way worse than any of the other general pregnancy discomforts.


Tess - March 6

This is my 1st pregnancy so I dont really know what to expect and not to expect, yah know? actually I said something wrong on my post....its not under my ribs its more like under my left b___st (perhaps upper ribs??) Im hurting right now too :( and its worst when I cough or when I sneeze :(


Alycia - March 6

Hmmm... that does sound a little different. I'm not sure about that.


maya - March 6

maybe it isnt pregnancy related and is a pinched nerve? I'm 31 weeks.


Nora - March 6

Alycia - I have EXACTLY what you have. I keep forgetting to ask my dr. about it - i just figured it is the baby pushing things together in there! It is under my right rib. I've been getting it since about 13 - 14 weeks, i think. I'm now 24 weeks and still get it quite often. Usually it's after i eat, but not always. Thanks for the info!


Tab - March 6

I get exactly the same thing but in my right side. I know for sure that it's the baby pushing against my ribs. Baby's are usually more active after you eat a meal anyways so try changing positions or laying down on your side some. Dont lay all the way back b/c you might end up with indigestion. But this always helps when this happens to me. Of course i am 36 weeks and sometimes that doesnt help


Sara - March 7

I get pain in my ribs, I'm not sure if its under and seems to hurt on both right and left sides as well as on my back where teh rib cage is. i find it very painful and uncomfortable. I just thought it was growing pains as my baby gets bigger. it just feels very sore, i don't know what to do when I get those pains!


Tess - March 8

I didnt get enough sleep last night. The pain woke me up around midnight :( I was hurting on my right side (underneath my b___st) I couldnt even move or change positions :( I woke up my Dh to help me but what can he really do? I was sitting still on our bed, rubbing my tummy and aching reallllllllllllllllllly BAD. After 20-30 mins it went away. I wonder what that is?? I was about to call the nurse line (after hours) to help me cope but the fact that I can't even move around and stand up made me not call my nurse. I am for sure its the baby pushing up against my ribs and its very uncomfortable. Im gonna call my Dr. later to find out whats wrong.


Alycia - March 8

I'm sorry you're having so many problems, Tess. What position is your baby in? A friend of mine had a breech baby with his head wedged up under her ribs so hard they had to really yank on him during her c-section to get him out. I'm not suggesting that's what's wrong with you, of course. I wish you the best of luck. I've been up a lot at night, nearly in tears, but for me it's been rotgut heartburn. Hopefully we'll both be sleeping better once our babies drop.


Tess - March 8

Hi Alycia :) I wasnt able to call my Dr. today. I got caught up w/ something....Nehoo, during my last OB appt (last friday) he said shes head down already (my Dr. was 97% sure) and also he told me that Im measuring 2 wks ahead....So he wanted me to have a scan next time I come in (in 3 wks). I told him about the pain I was feeling after Ive eaten something....and he said its GAS?? but this time...(last night) was diff. I had my dinner around 7-730p and the pain woke me up around it couldnt been GAS bcoz its been 4-5 hrs later that this thing happened. I was out today w/ my mom and we were at Kmart and Target....I couldnt even walk comfortably and Im always holding my tummy.....At first I thought my baby was breech but my Dr. said only the u/s would be able to tell that. ughhhhhh I have 10 more wks til I see my baby (that is if I completed 40 wks) Goodluck to you too!


Alycia - March 9

I wonder why your doctor said only an ultrasound could determine your baby's postion... my midwife can very easily tell by feel. Until u/s became common, doctors always used feel to tell how babies were lying... I guess med school doesn't bother teaching them that anymore. Either way, I hope things smooth out for you soon.


Leanne_ - March 25

Hi there, I'm 32 weeks along and have been getting pains right under my b___stbone. They're really bad if I have a full stomach or if I bend or move the wrong way. Anyone else experienced this??


rkrhoads - March 25

I asked my doc and he said most likely it is my abdominal muscles being stretched. For me, it felt like a big bruise but then it would burn when I would push on it.


numba1cutie6t9 - March 25

ive had the same thing throughout my whole pregnancy and also didnt beleive it could be heart burn or gas because it hurt SOOOOO the point where i cant talk or even move..but maalox worked wonders


abbynmonique - March 26

yep i get it all the time, it even gets pins and needles, i put a pillow behind my back and sit up as straight as i can, and just pray for the day when it stops



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