Husband Does Not Want To Have Sex

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tiffany - October 5

I am 29 weeks and scince my second trimester it is my husband that does not want to have s_x ! i think he feels that there are three in the bed and he says that he does not want to hurt the little one ! has anyone else had this ? will he ever want to have s_x again ?


lisa - October 5

dont know, i feel like your husband, havent had s_x for months im 38 weeks sat and the thought of it is not on my mind, id be happy he is so conciderate.


june - October 5

hi tiffany, we havent had s_x since i found out i was pregnant. i'm in my 39th wk now..he's afraid of harming the baby.


Angie - October 5

tiffany, I am 32 w and for quite a while my husband didn't want to have s_x. I finally said to him, look- after we have the baby, we can't have s_x for 6 weeks! That is a long time in itself. Can you really go 12 weeks or longer without it? That is like 3 months! After saying that to him, we have had s_x plenty of times. Maybe if you put the timeline into perspective for him, he might reconsider.


pbj - October 5

I can't even think of s_x, it's so bizarre to feel my baby moving around inside me, having s_x would just freak me out. Luckily my husband feels the we haven't had s_x since my 1st trimester. I'm sure your husband will want to eventually have s_x again, but it may not be til after your baby is born.


Heidi - October 5

I keep getting UTI infections so I don't even want him coming near me in fear it'll just make things worse! It's not even fun anymore really. Not as intimate as before I was pg. It's just funky I guess. I don't care to do it anymore till after the baby is born. Plus I'm super dry for some reason so it's not even comfortable.


Jen - October 5

Why don't you try initiating s_x or start touching him while you guys are lying around. I know once I start ma__saging him there's no turning back. Or Try oral or a good ol hand job.


lana - October 5

God I Wish my husband would Leave me alone and not want s_x!! Hes driving me crazy! LOL


K - October 5

Yea happen to me both pregancies, and he probally want until after the baby comes.


Ashley - October 8

Finally people who can understand- my husband is so freaked out about hurting the baby he won't get near me. We maybe have had s_x 3 times since we found out at 5 weeks- I'm now 28 weeks. Hopefully after baby comes he'll be interested again, but then I'm afraid we'll just be too tired!


Cora - October 8

Cant say this has happened to my fiance and We've been having s_x typically every second day since being pregnant...I am now 38 weeks.


Jl - October 9

I've been making my hubby have as much s_x as he can handle in hopes it will bring on labor. He's not freaked out by it, but it is a lot more gentle than it used to be. Don't worry Tiffany, he'll want it again as soon as the baby is out!


lynnstress - October 10

I'm in the same boat as june - hubby is freaked because "there's a baby in there!" I'm 31 weeks and we've only had s_x once since I've been rated PG. I keep telling him that MAYBE I'll want to have s_x with him - seven months after I give birth.


Amy - October 10

Hopefully, the husbands that feel they will hurt the baby...will read more about it and learn there is no harm unless the mother as in a high-risk situation and then change their minds about having s_x with their wives. Until then, hopefully they will at least share intimacy with their wives...back rubs, snuggling, etc. I feel fortunate that I did not lose any of my s_x drive throughout my pregnancy. My husband has not lost any interest in having s_x either and has luckily not felt that he would hurt the baby. I'm almost 36 weeks and I do feel more tired and uncomfortable than before...but we are still able to share the intimacy we had before. I wish you all the best!



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