Husband Going Away

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afwife - July 13

i haven't discussed this with my dr. yet, but i'm due aug. 3 and my husband, whose in the military just found out he's being deployed sometime around the 12th of august. do you think that if my due date comes and goes with no baby, that my dr. would induce so that my husband can be here for the birth and to spend a little time with his son before he departs. i would be DEVASTED if hubby missed the birth!!!!! that cannot happen!!!!


karyn - July 13

Talk to your doctor and I'm sure they will understand your situation. Please let us know how it goes.


Mellissa - July 13

i'm guessing by your name that your hubby is in the air force? mine is in the army, and from my experience, air force dr's are far more lenient and compa__sionate. i would speak to the dr and tell him your concerns. i wouldn't be surprised if they let you get induced before your hubby leaves. some dr's are willing to do it right around your due date. with my first, they made me go to exactly 42 weeks, which made me sooo mad!! my hubby is deployed right now, by the way, so i totally understand your concern!!! luckily, his commander is allowing him emergency leave, but not until AFTER the birth. but at least he'll get to see his son before he's 4 months old (i'm due a week from today, hubby is coming home for good in november). good luck and let us know what your dr says!!!!


Rebekah B - July 13

Afwife- I feel confident that you won't carry past your due date. The stress you are feeling right now will probably help encourage delivery. Talk to the Doctor about things you can do as the time draws near, which will induce labor. ie. s_x, walking, nipple stimulation. Be brave and stay positive. It will work out. Has your husband discussed flexibility with is CO?


afwife - July 13

thanks for the responses. i think my dr. will be's not as if i'm asking to be induced early or anything. i have a good feeling that i will go into labor on my own close to, if not before, my due date. and you hear about "social induction" being very popular these days. people wanting to get induced on a certain week because family will be in town, or because of work. etc. and i think my situation is a bit more important than that. and Mellissa, your in my heart because i know how these deployments are. it takes a special person to be a military wife.


Ashleyg - July 13

my hubby is also af and he has been gone sine may on a tdy. he is supposed to be back at the end of the month ( i will be about 30 weeks then). he SHOULD be home for the delivery in october but will be deployed again in january for another 4-5 months. i hate that part of the military and always will...


Mellissa - July 13

afwife, thank you for the kind words. i really hope your husband will get to be here for the birth. is this your first baby? i know when my hubby got to iraq they told him that if this was our first baby, they would let him come home for the birth. but since it's our second, he'll have to come home afterward.. guess the military doesn't think it's AS important. oh well.. that's the one thing you learn being married to a soldier... even though we think family should be the first priority, when they are in the military, that becomes their life...not just a job.. and unfortunately we usually come second. :( i can't complain too much though, he's doing what he loves to do.


afwife - July 13

mellissa, yes it's our first. we've only been married for 10mo. so i'm a fairly new military wife, but i already know that that's the way it goes. it does stink, but like your hubby, mine loves what he does. he could do without the deployments, but he loves what he does. what does your husband do? mine is in security forces. is your husband in iraq now?


sahmof3 - July 13

My DH isn't military, but I just wanted to say (and tell your DH's) a very big thank you to them and you for the sacrifices you make for this country!! Good luck afwife, I'm sure you'll have the baby one way or another b/f your DH leaves!!


numba1cutie6t9 - July 16

My husband is in iraq now..I was induced a week early so that my husband would be home. Ask your doctor. My midwive was very understandable


afwife - July 16

thank all of you so much. and numba1....god bless your hubby. mine was there last year. he's in our prayers. and thanks to everyone for the kind words.



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