Hyper Emotional Crying Constantly

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Emma - August 10

I'm almost 37 weeks and for the past few days I have pretty much been crying constantly. My husband has become a workalholic and when he is home it seems like all he wants to do is sit on his computer and play games. I can talk to him, but I need to feel like I'm his priority when we're talking. Then on top of all of that, which already upsets me, I'm extremely hormonal right now and I cry like every single day and my husband doesn't understand--in fact, it seems to upset him and make him ignore me even more--when I need him the most!! But at the same time, I don't want him to feel forced to spend time with me--I want him to want to. I'm sorry, I'm blabbing on, but does anyone else feel remotely like this?? I feel so alone sometimes.


natasha - August 10

Are you sure your husband and mine arent twins? I feel your pain and irritation. Mine works 2nd shift(3:30-midnight) Last weekend I wanted him to see the baby moving (29wks) because he doesnt get to see me much during the week unless I wake up when he gets home and talk to him some, I have to get up at 5am so that is hard to do all the time. ........ He kept looking away just when she would kick, and after about 5min of not being able to catch her he started playing xbox. That hurt my feelings so bad and made me feel unimportant I just started crying and couldnt stop. He got upset and mumbled "i'll be glad when this is over" I went and took a shower so I could bawl my eyes out in privacy w/out being made to feel guilty for having feelings. He came in there worried about me after a while with a puppy dog look on his face, but why do they make us get to that point?? Why cant they just understand we need to feel important and loved. Not everything is about them and not everytime we have a breakdown is it all about them. Sometimes we have lots of other stress weighing on us and the irritating things they do are just the last straw that makes us crack. Guys just dont get it sometimes. Hang in there! Our hubbies will get payback when the kid wont do homework for playing games and he has to explain why this is okay for daddy to put off mowing the yard for months but can play games. Tee Hee ;oD I'm waiting for that one.


~S~ - August 10

I am exactly like this right now. I'm also 37 weeks. My boyfriend and I don't live together, so I get really lonely for him and there's times when I'm talking to him and then all of a sudden I'll just start crying, becuase I miss him so much (even if I just saw him the day before) or I'll be telling him I love him and I'll start crying haha..He thinks I'm totally crazy and calls me a cry baby. He says I cry so much that when the baby comes, he/she won't be able to cry becuase I cried too much during the pregnancy hahah. Yesterday while at his house, he said something to me, it wasn't meant to be mean, but it really made me feel super duper sad and I stood there in the middle of the room and just broke down in tears. I'm not sure he saw me crying, but he left the room. I was left there crying my eyes out and I felt like a little girl. I went outside on the patio and cried even more. When he came out and saw me crying he asked what was wrong and I looked up at him with a soaking wet face saying "You make me saaaad!!" HAHAHAHH! I laugh at it now, but at that time, it wasn't anything to laugh at. I remember feeling like this between the 2nd to 6th month of my pregnancy, then it kind of went away, i didn't feel so d__n emotional all the time, but now it seems to be coming back. I'm super sensative to everything and it seems like my feelings can be hurt very easily.


Heidi - August 11

I think it's the hormones. I had a bad breakdown about at around 25 wks where I was just a mess. I was home alone and feeling sorry for myself cus the fiance and I weren't getting along at all and he was gone working. I decided to try to put the baby border up myself in the nursery and it wasn't working at all and kept falling down and then when I got off the step stool, I stepped in the gallon pail of water and tipped it all over the brand new carpet and at the same time the border came falling down on me. It was really pathetic and stupid cus I've never put it up before and didn't think I'd need help either. As I sopped up all this water I just sat on the floor and bawled like a baby. It was pretty bad. I didn't care anymore. I just had to have my crying fit. I was going from room to room getting towels and bawling and finally my big old golden retriever came in the room I was in and I was sitting on the floor bawling and he sat next to me and leaned up against me and licked the tears off my face. He's never done that before. It was like he knew I needed some comforting. Of course I bawled even harder after he did it cus I felt so touched by it. I gave him a big hug and cleaned up the rest of the mess and went to bed. I told people about it a few days later and they laughed and said, hormones!!!! Ahhhh!!!! I'm at 30 wks now and I'm more or less just a mean b___h now. I snap at everything and get really defensive with my fiance. No wonder he avoids me.


Jennifer - August 11

I'm so sorry you girls are going through this, but I've just recieved much needed comfort from reading your posts, because I'm going through the same thing. I'm only 22 weeks, not as far along as you ladies, but my husband and I are having the same problems that you guys are having. Don't get me wrong, he's a good guy at heart, but I feel like I'm going through this pregnancy alone. Like Natasha was saying, the other night the baby was kicking so hard you could see it through my belly. This is new for me so I was so excited. Well my husband looked for about 1 minute and when he didn't see it he lost interest. This also happens when feeling for the baby to kick. He'll lay his hand there for a moment or two, say Grant (that's the baby) kick me! Duh! that's not gonna work! It seems like we used to be so wrapped up in each other and lately he comes home from work and goes to his home office to play his guitar. I wish so bad he would just sit and talk to me, but it's not the same when you have to ask for attention, I want him to want to give me his attention. I'm also dealing with the crying thing. I go back and forth between crying and thinking he must be falling out of love with me, and thinking he's great and I'm overreacting. Uhhgggg!!!


Jennifer - August 11

p.s. Heidi you story about your dog made me cry!! How sweet is that!


Heidi - August 11

Yeah it was pretty pathetic. I've cried around my dog before and he usually just looks at me funny. He was laying on the couch in the tv room and watching me go back and forth for towels and finally just strolled in and sat next to me and leaned his big 100 lb body on me and licked at my tears. It was so precious. He's my big baby. It was like he was saying, it's okay mom. It'll get better. I'm still here for you. So I sat and hugged him and bawled. It was cute. I know how you feel too. I feel really distant from my fiance during my pregnancy. Like he doesn't really care or something. Once in a while he'll ask if she's kicking and I'll say, all the time, and he'll feel my belly but give up after like ten seconds. He doesn't really talk about the baby much or ask how I'm feeling or what's going on every day and it really bums me out. No more snuggling either. S_x is pretty basic now and not intimate. Not much kissing anymore either. Like I'm gross to him and everyone says I look cute pregnant. I feel like an alien or something. I feel like it's going to be all up to me to get ready for this baby and get everything I need. His family isn't very supportive either. They won't even come to my fricking shower my family is throwing! They said maybe they'll do something AFTER the baby is born. Gee, you mean after I already bought everything I'll need? Thanks. Some days I get really bummed and feel so lonely. 15 years ago when both my sisters were pg, it was a big deal, my whole family was involved and now it's like not even a big deal that I am. P__ses me off.


Amie - August 11

Sometimes guys are really just ingnorant. Expecially if this is a first baby. It was like that with me and my hubby, he just didn't get it. But with this third baby he finally understands that I just need to cry and he's there for me. So hopefully it will get better for you ladies! But if they really don't understand about the whole hormonal thing then you'll just have to talk with them about it, or ask the mother in law to talk to him (mothers sometimes have a way with their sons). But I know what you mean when you don't want to ask for it, but guys just need it laid out straight for them somethimes. And once this baby is born their life style is going to change dramatically!


michelle - August 11

to natasha ohh my god! it is so weird i could have typed the EXCACT thing as you i am 29 weeks my husband works second shift and has never felt baby move. but about the crying i can cry over a commercial and when i feel like my husband doen'st care it makes it even worse. i know how you feel. but i do cry and cry all the time!!!


Tammy - August 11

This is my second pregnancy with my current husband. With my son my husband was so caring and compa__sionate. I was definitely his first priority. This time, it's totally different. He dosen't care if I am lugging heavy stuff around. If I don't cook, he's huffing around the house. He never really seems concerned about how I am feeling physically. He tells me that I look great with this pregnancy and that's about it. We have nothing done for this baby. I am not having a shower with this baby because I insisted that I didn't want one. Now I am sorry, but I didn't realize how much new stuff that I would need. He is working a lot of hours and on Friday nights he usually comes home and tells me he is laying down for 1 hour and usually sleeps untilt he next morning. I just don't get a break from my very active 4 year old. I am so gald that this is my last pregnancy. My son is the little prince of the house and I dread how I am going to juggle a new baby and a demanding pre-schooler pretty much on my own.


Emma - August 11

Thank you all sooo much for your posts. It's nice to know I'm not completely alone. My husband hasn't been feeling well today..so therefore he thinks he's ent_tled to do nothing, ignore me, then snap on me, then ask me for a back rub!! All before asking me if I would iron his new shirt!! As if!! I said No. I don't care if that makes me a b___h. Maybe he's get the picture one of these days! Thanks everyone and good luck!


Tina - August 12

Wow, I guess I'm not the only one. It just sucks that instead of just holding me and telling me everything will be fine... which is all I really want my husband suggests I see a shrink. Dang I didn't think I could feel worse but then he said that. Now I don't even want to share my feelings with him anymore. Is it so wrong to be afraid of something you've never done before?


Heidi - August 12

Tina - My s/o has said that to me too! I'm scared to death. I've never been pg before. I'm already 31 and this is just all really shocking for me. I didn't plan this pregnancy so I've slowely been accepting it and trying to get myself excited but with money issues it's hard and we fight about that a lot cus I do all the financial stuff so he just a__sumes we'll be fine. We just built a house too so that's making things tight. When I start freaking out he thinks I need to see someone. Gee thanks! Just some encouraging words would be nice like, it's going to be okay, I'm going to help you when the baby is born, you're not alone in this, we'll get by just fine. I don't hear any of that c___p! Not to mention I've never taken care of a newborn or infant a day in my life so that's got me really nervous.


Tina - August 12

Heidi... I think my hubby and your s/o need to see the shrinks. I mean why would they even suggest something like that to a pregnant woman. I can say that immediately after he said he appolgized to me but I still don't like that he said it. I feel awful and now I wonder if he really does think I'm crazy. I have a slight advantage over you though. I have taken care of newborn's before. I have two nieces that I helped with. I am much more scared of the labor part and I stressing over small things. Like I told my hubby last night that I have just been washing up in the sink because I am afraid that I'll fall in the shower when he isn't there. He is self employed and works all over the state and the nearest person that I have a number for is my mother-in-law. Can you imagine having to ask your mother-in-law to come over and help you out of the tub/shower? Lol I know, I know I'm rambling. I guess that's what made him think I was crazy... the seemingly irrational fear that I'll fall while he's not there. Maybe I should never have watched Gone with the Wind and I wouldn't have the fear of falling. Oh well soon the baby will be here and hopefully everything will be fine. I don't know if I will tell my husband about my fears anymore though.


Heidi - August 12

I haven't had the fear of falling yet! Ha ha! Never seen Gone with the Wind either. Guess I better wait till after I'm pg to watch it. I don't fear labor or anything like that. I'm looking forward to the instant relief of pressure once this little girl gets out of me!!!! My ribs feel like they're ready to bust!


Tina - August 12

Heidi, I looking forward to that too. Everything hurts now and I am looking forward to being able to stay home with my little one at least for 12 weeks anyway. It will be nice to be able to just be a mom and wife for awhile. I am excited and scared and I think overwhelmed at times about the whole thing. Oh and I read you orginal post are you sure that my hubby and your s/o weren't separated at birth. Sometimes I feel like my hubby would rather be playing his games than spending time with me too. I keep telling myself that at least it's video games and that he could be out drinking or something else. At least this way he is still in the house and he does try to get me to play them with him. However I am more interested in learning about what to do when the baby comes etc. You mentioned about not knowing a lot about babies have you read the what to expect books? They are really great. I can't tell you how relieved I was to get them. It's the one thing my mother-in-law has given me that I really, really, really appreciate... well that and the hubby when he isn't putting his foot in his mouth anyway.


Heidi - August 12

I got a mayo clinic guide to a healthy pregnancy that talks about after the baby is born and stuff like that. I'll have to look for that book after my shower if I don't get it though. I heard it's really good.



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