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jessikabaker - April 19

does anyone else have hypoglycemia... I am 37 wks and was just diagnosed with it ... i have 2 weeks to go for a scheduled c section and was wondering,,, they told me to just eat 3 meals a day with snacks in between but it does no good, is there certain foods i am not supose to eat? They did not tell me much just that i am hypogloxemic... does anyone else have this ,, do you know if there is any harm or anything,,,etc.


Alycia - April 19

I struggle with hypoglycemia normally, although it has been better during my pregnancy. The best advice I can give is not to eat sugary things (or even something like white bread or crackers) unless you've just had protein and fat to balance it out. When you start to feel bad, eat something that has some sugar in it in combination with a protein. Peaches and cottage cheese or peanut b___ter crackers are really good options for me. There's a lot of information out there... or maybe you can ask for a referral to a nutritionist. Look up hypoglycemia online, and you'll find some good information as well. Good luck!


meme - April 19

I also get low blood sugar attacks... whether I'm preggo or not. If you're having an attack, have simple sugars like honey, fruit/fruit juice, etc. But after that, and when you're not having a problem, eat protein as much as you can. And the only carbs you should eat are complex carbs. I've noticed I get attacks more when it's hot out, so stay well-hydrated. Also, after an attack, you're going to feel exhausted, so relax.


meme - April 19

And the recommendation to eat five or six smaller meals rather than the three we've all been taught in this culture is correct is a good one.


Jamie - April 19

I had hypoglycemia prior to getting pregnant. The breakdown is, your body doesn't process sugar correctly. When we eat, our bodies break the foods down into ATP (energy) - normally the body will use a certain amount of ATP, and store the rest for a rainy day - in the general area of your thighs or your b___t. It breaks down different foods at different rates. Complex carbs are harder to break down, and take longer. Simple carbs are easier to break down, and are broken down first. But, if you have hypoglycemia, your body does everything at once, and goes into overdrive because there is too much ATP and it thinks it needs to use it all at once. Hence eating smaller meals more frequently. A steady input of complex carbs will force your body to slow down how it processes the food, and allows you to have a steady stream of ATP all day.


Angelaw. - April 21

Hi, I have hypoglycemia as well, and I have found that eating a protein bar when I start feeling really nasty has helped. I like the Body for Life Cookies and cream bar b/c it has frosting on it so I get a sugar fix, but there is 15 grams of protein in each bar, so i don't uasually "bottom out" after I have had one. I agree that drinking alot of water really seems to help me, I unfortunately am also hypotensive, so I am really prone to pa__sing out and feeling dizzy etc, but my dr doesn't seem to be too worried about it. Good Luck and I hope the rest of your preg goes well!



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