I Always Cry For No Reason At All

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Corrine321 - April 2

well the thing is, I am so emotional! When people say things to me, they might not think it will hurt my feelings but... it does! My boyfriend and i are in a bad situation with things... I cry everyday or everynight!! I am so sick of all this!!


sunshinemccloude - April 3

Corrine-Do you have any close friends or relatives you can talk to about your relationship problems? Talking always helps


^lucy^ - April 3

its normal to be more emotional than usual days while ur pregnant but since ur facing family problems this could have a greater impact on ur emotions.. try to talk to someone who can ease ur stress cz it doesnt help ur health and the baby.. good luck


meme - April 3

I was babysitting the other day, and the little girl was watching "The Fox and The Hound"... which I loved as a kid and haven't seen in ages! I was bawling! And it's ordinarily really hard to get me to cry at ANY movie. Had to keep running to the bathroom so she wouldn't think I was crazy. lol


Tess - April 3

I agree w/ lucy...its normal to be soooo emotional than usual days while youre pregnant. Im just watching a regular tv show and next thing I knew Im crying like a baby..though it feels like I can always relate to the show or program that I watch on tv. HAHAHAHA


Tillie - April 3

Corrine, I know from previous posts of yours that you're very young--15, I think? Because of this, I would imagine you need extra support right now, emotionally and financially. I agree with Sunshine--you should really talk to someone. Do you have access to a counselor? Have you talked to your doctor about it? Sometimes it's more helpful to have someone who's completely objective and who you don't know personally. It's important to work through some of this, though, because although crying a lot can be normal in pregnancy (as you can tell from the responses here!), it can also be a sign of deeper stress or depression, both of which can affect your baby. Doctors say that babies are really in touch with their mother's emotions, which only makes sense. So try to think about what makes you really happy right now! Even if that's just a long walk and a lemonade. I know that can be hard when you're under stress; I don't know what exactly you mean by "my boyfriend and I are in a bad situation with things," but there are obviously people on this thread who will listen and offer advice if you need to vent or ask questions. Talking really helps!



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