I Am 36 Weeks And Very Miserable Is It Normal

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nino3 - October 11

Hi, I am 36 weeks and feeling extremely bad. I cant sleep at night because my arms get very numb to the point where it hurts really bad. I wake up every hour and have to get out of bed to shake my arms. The pain is terrible. My right hand is completely asleep all day and has been for quite some time but at night is when i feel it the worst. I am also sooo tired and mu pubic bone is killing me. Its painful to walk and painful to even sit down for too long. I am not sleeping and cant barely walk and really need to know if all this symptoms are normal. I called my ob. but she said this was normal and there was nothing i oculd take because i was going to be like this till the baby was born. IS this true? Can someone tell me how to ease my pain or at lest how to be able to sleep better and have my arms not get too numb? I am crying as i write, i havnt slept in days and worst of all, i have to defend my thesis on the 24th of Oct. and need to be reallly prepared. Please somoen help........


chickiepoo9 - October 11

wow when i was reading this i thought you were describing me i am due oct 15th and for the lst two weeks have been dealing with no sleep thanks to the numbness in my hand my doc told me last appt that it is carple tunnel from pregnancy and told me to go and buy a wrist splint and wear it at night and oh my has it helped it still hurts but i can at least get some sleep, and pubic bone pain i have had that since like 5 months and there is nothing we can do about that except live with it i personally find that if i sleep on the couch in a semi sitting position with pillows propping me up the pain isnt nearly as bad, it will still hurt but if you try those two things it might help it did wonders for me not to much longer and you will have your babe and it will all be worth it good luck!


HeavenisMine - October 11

Sleep? What's that? I am in the insomnia boat with you, it's just too blasted uncomfortable, and even my feet go numb sometimes, or my thighs, and that is painful....sigh...one cure...giving birth!


Stressed - October 11

I am a silent lurker on here, I am due 10/30/07 but am being induced 10/23/07. I have the same arm pain and pubic pain I am so lucky to be married to a physical therapist. He suggested more pillows to keep me more upright for my arms and it worked. My pubic bone is always killing me and he treats me when it is to the point I cant walk, sadly it will be like that until birth however with therapy I feel so much better. My Ob actually refers his patients to physical therapy for pubic bone pain as it is such a common problem during pregnancy. When he is at the office and I cant stand it I put a couple pillows between my legs and squeeze while laying on my side and it actually makes a pop in my lower back and pubic bone that relieves the pressure. Hubby says alot of the pain is related to the lower back and that our ligaments are relaxing for birth. Hope this helps!


alirenee86 - October 11

OMG, so sorry to hear all of this ladies. I am 35.5 weeks and sleeping fine other than 7 trips to the bathroom on average to pee. But the whole numbness in your arms and legs scares me. I have not had this at all and have felt completely great. I'm starting to wonder if I'M normal because i even had a gyno appt. on Tuesday evening...the dr. asked me, 'how are you feeling?" and I responded, 'great!'. He said out of the 40 patients he had that day I was the first to say that. I thank god and hope it stays this way for me but if not, we're all in the same boat and it's certainly not going to be like this forever! Due dates are soon approaching for us all and I'm sure you won't even remember these nuances once your baby comes! Best of luck to everyone!



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