I Am 36 Weeks Pregnant And Have Dropped

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Sassy80 - May 9

I am due June 5th, I was just in the hospital last thursday night because I was having strong contractions, they stopped them. I was told I might deliver early. I have just dropped. Does anyone know about how long it will take now until I deliever?


christineg - May 9

They say it can be a long time....We actually have REALLY similar situations!! I'm also due on June 5th, spent the night in the hospital last week with strong contractions, and was told I might deliver early! That's quite a coincidence!!!! I dropped at about 33 weeks though....and with the exception of last week (which they think was brought on by a UTI) nothing yet.....It's nice to hear we might get to meet him a little early though! Are you having a boy or a girl? We are having a boy!


krista-lee - May 9

unfortunatley, when you drop doesnt have much to do when you go in labor. doc said i dropped 33-34 weeks, now 37w4d and no labor, no false contractions, nothing : [ i know that im effaced though, and dilated a little, doc didnt give me exact numbers. oh and my due daye is May 26th, nurse at the hospital said i should deliver before the 15th.... hope shes right!


^lucy^ - May 10

hi all.. im due may 25 but my dr has checked me last monday and told me that i will go early :D maybe this week.. we'll see. i have dropped and im 1 cm dilated.. dont know about any effacement or anything else.. hope she's right!! i've been pa__sing brown mucousy discharge for the past 2 days.. i wonder if this is mucous plug by any chance.. im waitting now for any contraction.. i hope it comes soon so i can hold my precious baby in my arms :) labor dust to us :D


angelbebe - May 10

Hopefully we will all come early!! Due May 31st, but I am 2 cm, effacing, baby dropped, and bh contractions every 10-15 minutes for over a day. My baby dropped over the last week, so I know the only thing that does is put more pressure on cervix so when you do have contractions it aids in the progress of the cervix opening. So dropping is good, just doesn't guarantee a time. The brown mucousy stuff definitely sounds like the mucus plug! I lost mine too. Yucky!


Sa__sy80 - May 10

To. Christineg I am having all the same things thats so weird, The contractions I had were also caused by an UTI. I woke up yesterday with extreme pain in my legs and some pressure on my groin area. Today I feel like someone beat me up, my body hurts so much, my doctor told me it could just be the baby going further down into the cannal. I'll keep everyone posted. Thanks for all reposones.



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