I Am Dying For A Cup Of Coffee

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kmoselle - November 20

Anyone drink coffee in moderation while they are pregnant. My doctor says 1 or 2 cups a day will not harm baby, but looking online, there seems to be so many problems linked to caffeine and baby's birth. I will admit that when I hit 2nd trimester I rewarded myself with a cup of joe. Then I treated myself to a cup after every appointment- so once a month. But last week I had a cup almost every day. Now I am worried that I drank too much caffeine. Does anyone drink coffee? What do you think about drinking it during the third trimester- just one 12oz cup every few days???


oct19bad - November 20

I totally miss coffee so much! I would have a cup of decalf on Saturdays every now and then... As soon as this baby is born i am hitting starbucks!


kmoselle - November 20

Me too! I want my quad-tall caramel macchiato! My doctor told me though that decaf is actually worse than regular coffee. I guess the chemicals they use to decaffeinate the beans have a lot of pesticides in them. The pamphlet she gave me said to stick with regular. But I am still curious if others are drinking coffee and how much. I'm afraid ime drinking too much caffeine may give my child ADHD or something.


kayla_1605 - November 20

Honestly I've had a cup every day since the 2nd trimester. I was getting unbearable headaches from the lack of Caffeine! So my midwife said 1-2cups a day is totally fine.


jessb - November 20

My doctor also said one cup a day is fine. Most days I do have one cup in the morning. I feel guilty about it sometimes, but so far the baby seems healthy, no problems. I am 38 weeks so really at the point of no return now. I hope everything is alright with dd!!!!!


Bilmes123 - November 20

I'm bad, 37 weeks and I've been having a pepsi every day lol just one. That's it. Mostly because pop is so fattening that after I have this little one no more pop for me lol. Since I want to lose the weight and stuff. I don't drink coffee and once a month I'll have a Tim Hortons Icecap but that's about it. Other wise my baby is healthy and active.


wv_red - November 20

Had coffee every day after the first tri and my dd is totally fine. She is almost 6 months old and she isnt bouncing off walls of has any problem. Moderation is fine. Have a cup and enjoy... just dont do the whole triple shot of espresso.


FlyBear - November 21

I was so strict on myself during my 1st trimester and most of my 2nd but I'm so tired now, I'm drinking a lot of caffiene. Probably more than what I should but honestly, my Dr told me I shouldn't worry about caffiene. I know people who drank it throughout their pregnancies and have fine, healthy kids... I know I know, probably not a good thing to base my decision on...



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