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E - April 13

Im having a baby in 21 days and i was wondering what would make the time go by faster... or at least im due in 21 days and there's nothing saying the baby wont come late because it's my first.. Is there anyone else due around may 4th??


Toya - April 13

I'm due on May 8th which is in 25 days...I have no idea as to what will make time go by faster...I just pray that I'll be a good mother.


E - April 13

Why wouldnt you be a good mother? it just comes naturally..


Toya - April 13

I believe in praying for everything, beacuse it is not in man to direct his own path, and without the fear of God, it is impossible for one to be a good mother in God's eyes. It is of no importance to me what man thinks of my motherhood...I am most concerned with how God feels about how I raise my child. So, for this reason...I take this blessing that God has given me very seriously...Men are fallible, but with God...all things are possible.


E - April 13

I believe that all have a good mother instinct inside. So have you went into false labour? have you had any contractions?


Jenny - April 13

I'm due May 4th. Just hang out and enjoy the time you have left. Do some gardening or something...


wenling - April 14

I'm due may 2nd. Just after labour day... HOw ironic. :) And how i pa__s some of my time? Well, I visit this forum:) Helps me feel like i'm not the only one. Not so alone. Thank god for all you Ladies!!


Jenn... - April 14

I am due to have my baby the day after Memorial day, May 31st. So I still have 47 days to go. I am not too impatient yet, I know I still need time to get ready. I am sure as I get closer that will change and anxiety will take over! .........wenling- Labor day isn't till September :)


Jenn... - April 14

oops! I forgot to respond to your question! Are all your bags packed? Have you washed and folded all the babies clothes? How about every few days making two ca__seroles, one to eat that night and one to freeze so you will have easy dinners when the baby is here. Get as much out of the way in advace as you can, BUT take it easy and relax - enjoy this time as much as possible :) Congratulations!! and good luck!!


kris - April 14

My due date is also may 4, and I know how you feel. Just keep telling yourself that the baby needs all the extra time he/she can get inside the womb. To pa__s the time you could make last minute changes to the nursery...at least that's what works for me!


E - April 14

thanks for all ur ideas, it great to see im not the only one who wants to see my baby really bad... im so excited to be a new mom.. do u all kno what ur having?? I'm having a girl!!


Kymmi - April 14

I'm due May 14th. Time usually flies by for me, but this last month has just creeped by. I don't really have any good suggestions as far as making time go by faster, however, this will be my fourth and take it from me,,,,,,,, rest, rest, rest!!!! Get PLENTY of rest now before baby comes because once you have the baby, you will forget what sleeping in is all about~


Toya - April 14

E, Congrats!! I am also having a girl! One thing that I do is pre-labor exercises like squats, pelvic tilts, kegels. I think as someone else has already mentioned, washing up clothes, linen, and freezing dinners is good. It feels like I'm going to be pregnant for the rest of my life. lol. At my last appointment, which was this past tuesday the Dr's confirmed that I have a small baby 4.5-5lbs right now...I was a full term baby and was only 5lbs 14 oz, so I believe that the baby is going to take after me...Although she is small, she is STRONG. I read to her a lot now and that makes time go by fast too.


Cindy - April 14

I'm due April 24th. The whole pregnancy went fast until about 35-36 weeks. Since then it is going so slow. I seem to be extra tired the last few weeks. I recommend getting a lot of stuff done early. Make sure your bags are packed. I thought I was going into preterm labor once and had nothing packed. The next day I packed everything. Other than that, just take time to relax before you can't anymore.


E - April 14

Well im not packed yet, I guess there's somethings i could do. My last doctor app was yesterday and the doctor told me and my husband that if i were to deliver anytime now it would be 8 pounds and if i go another 3 wks then it will be 9 or 10 pounds.. ahh that's scary one big baby.. but i hope it isnt as big as my doctor thinks it is!!


E - April 17

This big baby thing is really freaking me out.. I hope that she comes on her due date may 4th, 05 because she already is really big? I only have 17 days too go...


lacey - April 18

I am due May 7th, and nothing is making it seem any closer. I cried at the doctors last week because I wasn't dialated. There has got to be something about pregnancy we can all enjoy. . . perhaps the beautiful life growing inside of us.



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