I Am Only In 2nd Tri But HELP Re Morning Sickness NOW

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krissy2006 - December 30

Ok ladies, so I am not in the 3rd tri but I am guessing you have all been there or may know someone who has (had morning sickness), so I have a question for all those who may know... and for all those who may be able to speculate. OK ok, I have a question for everyone. I am now 15 weeks on the nose and ever since oh, lets say about 11-12 weeks (close to the beginning of the 2nd tri) I have been having morning sickness. I had NONE before that. Now when I wake up it starts with a little tickle in my throat which within 5 minutes turns to all out gagging and then I have to rush to the bathroom to empty my already empty stomach.. (ie: just water drank during the night and my stomach acids) NOT FUN! If I try to avoid coughing or gagging the nausea will slowly rise until my eyes are watering and then I have to rush to the bathroom anyway. The good thing is that as soon as I am done throwing up, the nausea is gone for the day and I can continue as normal. It doesnt impede my eating nor any of my activities so I don't know if its ok or not. Does anyone know why now that I am in my second tri that ALL OF A SUDDEN, I have morning sickness accompanied with once a day vomiting???? I have investigated also and found nothing. any ideas?????


krissy2006 - December 30

Please? lol


hopeful24 - December 30

Hi Krissy, I cannot really tell you why you are just now having morning sickness. I had morning sickness up until 17 weeks and then it went away until 20 weeks. However, it has returned and I am now almost 35 weeks. Be grateful that you are not as sick as I am...I still throw up about 5 to 6 times a day. It is so bad that I have busted blood vessels in my eye leaving me with a black eye. It may end up going away. Have you tried eating something before you get out of bed or eat without drinking. Those were two things that were suggested to me. Good luck to you! I really hope that you don't have to go through what I am.


babylove4 - December 30

Your probably getting sick, You said it's only when You feel a tickle in your throat? I had sort of the same feeling & the only thing I did was suck on cherry flavored Halls, aet alot of crackers,soup & raw almond's it alway's seemed to help..Hope that will help You...**GL**


krissy2006 - December 30

Thanks ladies... babylove4 it isn't the "sick" kinda tickle... its the kinda tickle where you know you're gonna gag but just wanna hold it back. In any case I guess I should be happy that it isn't severe. I was just wondering why it would take so long to come about. I think its funny tho, hopeful that you mentioned bursting a vessel in your eye because today as a matter of fact my mom looked at me and said, aw honey did you break a vessel in your eye? And sure enuff! LOL... I guess I should try not to strain so hard wen I gag to death... ((shrugs)) such is life... thanks ladies :)


ROBYN - December 30

Krissy i NEVER EVER got m/s and now in the 3rd tri the past almost week week and 1/2 i have been SOOOO nauseaus no reason at all it just comes from out of the blue i am 31 weeks today the books say its normal hopefully yours wont last long and go as quickly as it showed up. Also water will make you nauseaus too dont know if you know that.


krissy2006 - December 30

ROBYN! It's so good to hear from you! Wow 31 weeks already. It feels like just yesterday you were posting that hesitant March thread on the first tri! How time truly flies... only 9-ish more weeks for you huh????? I am so excited to hear about your birth story and all that jazzzzz! Have you decided on names. I havent had a chance to check the march piczo lately. :) In any case thanks for the heads up about it being normal and I didn't know the whole thing about the water.... :) Aww darn, and I like it so much! NOTTTT!!! LOL... Well I hope you have a very happy new years eve's eve!!! and a very happy new year!!!


socurbaby7 - December 31

Hey krissy.... just thought I would let you know I had morning sickness up until I was 6 months... and its perfectly normal for women to experience it at different times during there pregnancy, its caused by increased hormones... the best advice that i could give u is have some saltines as soon as you wake up in the morning that should help calm the stomache acids that are rising up and causing the natious and gagin feeling... not going to lie... nothing worked for me with my morning sickness and i lost 20lbs before i gained any weight... but i wish you the best of luck.... hopefully it clears up soon


ROBYN - December 31

Hey Krissy i check out your piczo all the time LOL so i know how well you are doing. Check out the March piczo i just did a 4d u/s this Sat and there are recent pics of the family and the little guy on the bottom of the page let me know what you think. These u/s pics are incredible we were in tears on Sat just amazing how much he cooperated. The name for the baby is Justin Morrison. The "J" name for my grandma is pa__sed away a very long time ago and the "M" for Jasons grandfather Morris who he was very very close too who also pa__sed away. So Jason came up with the middle name. So its Justin Morrison Grimm. So i am having a scheduled c-section on Feb 18th at 9:30 am. Its close i am getting very anxious knowing that there is finally an end to this trying past year of loss and going thru the IVF again the screwed up thing is its EXACTLY one year to the date that we had to terminate the last pregnancy at 14 1/2 weeks and now we will be having Justin one year later kinda freaky.


krissy2006 - December 31

Thanks socurbaby7! I did actually try that this morning and ((gasp)) I didn't throw up. I still gagged and coughed like I wanted to throw up but that salivating, get you in your jaw bone nausea didn't happen so YAY! ROBYN! I saw your updates on piczo and omigosh! The 4d u/s are absolutely beautiful! I wish you had more belly shots tho. ;) I already feel like shamu so, I can't wait to see how I feel at 30'ish weeks. LOL... can I ask why you are having a scheduled c-section? Well happy new years eve everyone!!!!! TTYS!


ROBYN - December 31

Hey Krissy believe it thats what i look like at 31 weeks i barely am showing thats the way i was with Anthony also i was 9 months looking 6 months pregnant. Its just the way i show. As for scheduled c-section. I had an emergency one with Anthony i have lots of scar tissue from a kidney removal when i was born i was born with 3 kidneys and one wasnt functioning and tons of scar tissue formed inside so when i went into labor noone knew this including myself and Anthonys heartrate had dropped so they said your not progressing we have to do a c-section so they opened me up and they were freaking out to get a urologist etc. So with this pregnancy they cant chance anything and plus i wouldnt do anything but a c-section with my history anyway. So thats the reason. I am glad you like the pics. You have a safe and wonderful New Years.


lissica - January 1

Krissy!!! I just thought i would check out this site and i saw your post! Congratulations!! I am so happy for you. Wow 15wks already that's fantastic! I hope your sickness gets better and you have a great rest of the pregnancy.


sarah21 - January 1

Try eating crackers before you get out of bed (never worked for me). Also you may be developing some indigestion which irritates the stomach and causes nausea, so I would try eating some tums a couple minutes before you get up and then see what happens. Otherwise, just wait it out and be glad that you're only sick in the mornings. :)


Ella82 - January 6

Hi Krissy!! Sorry about the morning sickness but i just wanted to say congrats i cant believe you are 15wks already x



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