I Am Scared Need Some Reassurance

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Gavinsmom - January 16

Well, I found out yesterday that instead of being a Feb mom (due on Valentine's day), I will be a Jan mom. An u/s confirmed that baby is breech and is actually stuck under my ribs...yes that's why my ribs hurt so bad and feel like they may snap at any time! SO, my dr will be taking him out next Thursday, Jan 25th, when I am 37w1d. They also said he is measuring a little bit small, which has me worried, but the dr said not too worry b/c I am so small. Not to mention, the u/s tech couldn't get good measurements of his legs and stuff b/c he is footling breech (in the praying position), so how the h__l do they know he is measuring small if she couldn't get good measurements?? He had been measuring big my entire pregnancy! Go figure! Can someone share any similar stories or anything to take my mind off of this?! Please say prayers for us for a speedy recovery...I am so nervous and shocked b/c I have no clue what to expect! :( Thanks for listening to me vent!


Gretta - January 16

Hi Gavin'smom!! Remember me? We live near each other - I just wanted to say good luck with everything. Don't be worried about size estimates and all that from what I read on here sometimes they are completely off base....Also how exciting you get to meet your little one soon!!!!


lunamoo - January 16

Hi Gavinsmom, I was first told at my 21w u/s that my girl was measuring small, esp her head circ_mference which of course freaked me out. She was also breech and now at 30w is still so. Because I was/am so nervous about "measuring small" I went to 2 different drs for u/s and got quite varying results, so in the end, I don't know what is going on...? To top it off, I have been told throughout this pregnancy that I look so small for X amount of months. I am not small myself, I am 5ft5in and weighed 130 before pregnancy. My first weighted 7.5 pounds...Did they tell you how small you are measuring...? And why are they going to deliver 3 weeks early...? I hope you are feeling better and that you write soon. xx


djh - January 16

I too wonder why they are delivering so early. C-section babies tend to have wet lungs due to the lack of squeezing through the birth ca___l...plus if they think your baby is small, hmmm... My longest baby cracked my xiphoid bone (in the sternal area) and that did hurt like crazy every time I took a breath. But they still didn't discuss having him at 37 weeks. I am really small framed (weighed 118 lbs. on the operating table) with a short waist and no room for babies either. On the happy side, though, best wishes for a speedy recovery, take your pain meds before you let the pain get away from you, have help at home for the first week, take it easy and don't overdo it. God Bless you and good luck to you all.


mamagoose - January 16

Are they going to try to turn the baby through ECV before attempting the c-section? It would be nice to try a few things to keep him in there as long as possible, especially if he's small... Good luck, and make sure you rest up and take care of yourself!


Gavinsmom - January 16

Hi ladies! Thanks for writing back. I need to stop doing so much research online...it's all scaring me...lol! My baby was measuring a week bigger the entire pregnancy and then all of a sudden, at 35w5d they measured him at 5 lbs 2 oz. Now, from what I have read, average size for his gestation is around 5 lbs 8 oz. So, big deal, he is a few oz less! AND the u/s tech kept complaining how hard it was to get any good measurements. So, how can they go on this? My dr said we could do an ECV, but he said it puts stress on the baby and can be painful and only works 50% of the time. He also said that if it did work, there is a high chance that he will flip back around to breech again during labor. I am only 5 ft tall (98 lbs pre-preggo) and weigh 125 now at 9 months preggo! He says that the baby seems to be stuck with his shoulder and head under and in my ribs and has no room to turn. He said if I were 4 or 5 inches taller with a longer torso, then there may be a chance. The reason he gave for having the section at 37 weeks was, why prolong it? He will be full-term and he said baby will do just fine. Trust me, I am still in shock and don't understand why he can't "bake" another week or two. So, I guess I just have to go with what he says...he's been monitoring me very closely with weekly NST's (due to BH contractions) and is very confident that the baby is perfectly fine and will fair perfect at 37 weeks. I hope he is right. My mind is still in the gutter...I've got that glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, he will turn in the next week and I could attempt a v____al. I know in my heart that it's not going to happen, but at least I am hanging on to that little bit of hope. What are wet lungs? Fluid in the lungs? Should I ask to be given a steroid shot to make sure the baby's lungs are mature enough? The dr keeps rea__suring me that he wouldn't take him if he didn't feel he wasn't ready. I'm so torn. Thanks for thinking of me...I go in this Thursday for another u/s for a fluid check and NST and then again on Monday. Keep us in your thoughts! :)


lunamoo - January 17

Unless the baby is not thriving there is no reason to deliver prematurely. I just like to trust mother nature when it comes to something so natural as birthing. I think your body and baby would know when the right time is to be born. Babies do turn around and skilled midwives can a__sist in doing this and I think it would be worth a try if you can find a trusted midwife. Also, you might even find a dr. who delivers breech. Heck, it was not that long ago that breech babies were born v____allly, I was : ) Anyway, I am still unclear as to WHY the dr. wants to deliver so early...?


Gavinsmom - January 17

Lunamoo--I really don't know why he wants to deliver me so early either. The day he dropped this bomb on dh and I, we were so speechless and shocked that we didn't really ask enough questions. So, when we see the dr tomorrow, we have a loooong list of things to discuss. He didn't say the baby had stopped growing or anything, he just said that he was measuring a little small. AND, from what I have been reading, going by u/s measurements...they are not very accurate. So, I really don't have a clue myself. I hope the dr is ready to spend a lot of time with us tomorrow b/c he will doing a lot of explaining. I hope we get the answers we need b/c I feel really unsettled! :(


starlight_94 - January 17

I hope all goes well, but for some rea__surance I dont think there will be a problem at 37 weeks. That is nearly full term,(it is term in some pregnancy books) and if the dr is confident then you should be too! Good luck and have a safe recovery!


tritty - January 17

i have to admit that i'm slightly jealous :) not for the whole process you have to go through but because you get to see your little one really soon! i agree with starlight. if your doctor is confident that the baby is fine then i'm sure he's fine. congrats, you're gonna have a little one really soon!


djh - January 17

HiGavin's mom, about the wet lungs...think of a tube of toothpaste, if you don't pa__s it between your fingers, some paste remains in the tube, same with a newborn, the birthing process milks the fluid and mucus out of the baby's air pa__sages and lungs, thus a__sisting in transitioning to breathing for himself. With a scheduled C this process doesn't occur at all and it is not uncommon for c-section babies to have some respiratory distress. It is less marked at 40 week c-sections than at 37 weeks. The babies recover, but it is not something I consider insignificant. If there isn't a medical reason like low amniotic fluid, fetal distress or pretty significant intrauterine growth retardation for examples, I wouldn't want a 37 weeker. Also, boys tend to be less mature at 40 weeks than girl babies, so this is another concern for your 37 week delivery. Like others have said, you are right to ask your doctor why 37 weeks, and to also trust him. It is a good, informed parent who questions care, so they know they are doing the best for their child. Best of luck to you!



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