I Am Scared Of Labor HELP

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barbie - December 17

baby is due anyday, and i am scared to death of labor. i plan on having an epidural as soon as i get to the hospital. (i am already 2-3 cm dilated.) i know that i will be fine, and that i will live, yet i am having extremely irrational fears. how much pain does the epidural take away? how much do you feel of actual birth?


Deanna - December 17

I don't know any of that because this is my first time too, but I know that I've been told numerous times to try to hold out for the epidural until you are dilated to a 5, otherwise it could wear off before the big moment. For some reason labor doesn't really scare me, but that is because I've had such a painful and hell-like pregnancy the entire time... labor is the part where it will be OVER, so for me it is a relief.


kristen - December 19

i didn't have and epidural when i had my son it wasn't to bad. but i have heard that an epidural takes away all the pain. i really don't know but that is what i have heard. Its not really that bad you don't have anything to be scared of. when you go in labor you may feel like you can't do it (i know i did) but by the time it is over with you wont even care how much pain you did or didn't go through all that will matter is the little baby in your arms. it is a great feeling best of luck with your little one on the way


Mellissa - December 19

An epidural isn't available to take away unbearable pain because childbirth ISN'T unbearable. Billions have done it before us and it wasn't the introduction of pain medication that caused the rate of infant mortality to go down. Pain medication is strictly for the mother-to-be. The pain a women experiences in childbirth is 100% normal (no matter how un-normal it feels!) and it is a sign that your body is working. If you approach it with fear, your muscles will tense up during childbirth as you try and wield off the pain, it will cause a buildup of lactic acid in your muscles (because you aren't relaxing!) and it will actually make the pain worse. The only time that medical relief like an epidural is neccessary is during a long labour. The longer the women is in pain, the more tired out she becomes and at this point, it's better to offer pain relief so that she can rest for the tougher and more physically demanding job of pushing later instead of becoming exhausted too early due to prolonged labor. You need to trust your body. Even if it turns out that there are complications that say, result in an emergency cesarean, it has nothing to due with how much or how little pain you experience before that. If you want and are offered an epidural and it makes you feel more at ease than take it when the time comes. It probably would have been a better idea to read up on natural labour techniques in order for you to understand that giving birth is not a medical procedure but, that ship has sailed so take the pain relief if it makes this less scary for you. Fear is not a birthing women's best friend.


barbie - December 22

thanks for the "positive" input melissa. while childbirth is "natural", dosen't mean it has to be painful. and for a first time mother, it is the scariest thing that i have ever done in my life. and believe me, ive done some crazy things. and from what i understand, fear is completely understandable in such a circ_mstance.call me silly, call me crazy.while an epidural may not be "necesscary", why be in pain. i am not trying to prove anything to anyone. i want a happy pain-free labor (here is to hoping).and technology & science has made it so that i can. yes, i am one of the 48% that still believes in science, technology and education versus "faith".



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