I Am So Ready To Be Done

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austynsmommy - December 13

I am almost 37 weeks pregnant. I will be 37 weeks on sunday. I have been getting contrations like crazy for about a week maybe more and shooting pains in my you hoo. It is so hard to chase after my 4 and 2 year old. Is everyone one else ready to be done? I am so tired of being so cranky and in pain.lol


mjvdec01 - December 13

Hey there. I'm sorry to hear you are so miserable. Two kids and pregnant can't be easy. We have a daughter who will be three in February and our son will be 5 months on Wednesday. I thought it was hard with one toddler. The good news is you are almost done. Your last couple weeks will no doubt be miserable and painful, but then you get a baby out of it and it is all worth it- you know that, or you wouldn't be doing this for the third time! As a third time mommy, you have an advantage over all the first timers. You know what is coming and you know how to take care of a newborn. For me it wasn't nearly as hard with the second one as with our first. Three kids is out of the question for me. I am at my limit. You are to be commended. I hope things go smoothly for you come delivery. Congratulations.


austynsmommy - December 13

Thanks for the comment. I have just been so tired because my 2 year old son has had croup for 3 days now. Last night was the first night he has slept. I had him in the hospital on wed because he was so bad. He is finally better. I just can't wait to have him already.


mary b - December 13

austynmommy, i totally understand!!! I'm 36 1/2 weeks and i have a 21 month old. I have been having contractions on and off since Thanksgiving and pain and pressure in the hoo hoo too...lol How much longer do we put up with this? I don't remember is being so harsh the first baby. I had some contractions with her...not bad 3 times over the span of like a week and then when I was 40 weeks and 6 days, i went into true labor. Now these braxton hicks are more painful and i never got a shooting pain like this before...i guess it's the head hitting the cervix? Do you know what you are having? We don't, and I can't wait! Are you dilated at all? I get checked on Tuesday.


austynsmommy - December 13

Were having another boy. So that will be a 4 year old girl and 2 year old boy. They checked me on Monday and I was only 1 cm and 50 percent effaced. I go back on tuesday and i'm not sure if they will check me or not. Let me know how your appointment goes.


steph23fah - December 15

austynmommy--i feel your pain i am 37 weeks as of today and are ready to have this baby...I have a 7 year old boy so its not as bad for me because he can do for himself. This pregnancy has been I hate to say it but horrible the whole time. I have had pains for a few months now and you can forget trying to lift my legs for anything I tried moving a box with my leg the other day and about died from the pain it shot up there....hang in there thought were almost done!!!


ashley_1991 - December 15

im 37 weeks 6 days and im ready for it to be over lol this is my second baby. I go in wed to have the membrane sweep done=) im so excited, with my first i went into labor 12 hours after the sweep so im hopingn it has the same effect this time arounf,


stacyk3107 - December 15

Ladies with toddlers and being pregnant, hats off to you! I don't know how you do it! I am 32 weeks with my first baby and I have preeclampsia and I don't know how I would do it with littles ones running around too! I am going to be induced or csection at 37 weeks due to the preeclampsia, so I only have 5 more weeks but I am so nervous. This pregnancy has already gone by so fast! The next 5 weeks will go fast too! :(


mary b - December 16

They checked me today and the baby is way low behind my pubic bone at around -0 station. No dilation yet but cervix is soft...she didn't say how soft % wise....let me know what they say about you!


HeavenisMine - December 16

37 weeks here, with a 13 month old! It is quite a challenge indeed. I am 2 cm dilated and about completely effaced, and of course, going no where. It's an adventure in discomfort!


Kiersten - December 16

HeavenIsMine, wow! My son is 12 months old, I'm 33 wks and am so tired; you must be exhausted! Is your little one walking? My guy is still cruising and climbing, but he is SO busy. Definitely gives me a workout! :) Hope you go soon. Do you know what you're having?


breezieb - December 17

Hey ladies, I am 31weeks and 4days...I have a 5 yr old son and 3 year old daughter. I feel so GUILTY because my house is a wreck and lately I cant even get the kids to school on time!! I am falling apart! I think I am starting to get depressed. Please let me know if this is normal. I just cant wait untill he is born!!!!!


FlyBear - December 18

Breezie, don't feel too bad. I don't even have any other kids and my house has been a mess lately. I'm just so tired. Unlike everyone else I'm not nesting, I'm sleeping. lol I was so depressed last night looking around at everything that needed to be done but after a day at work, a dr's appointment, doing the grocery shopping, going out to buy the baby's carseat/stroller and then making dinner I didn't feel like doing any housework. :(


breezieb - December 18

Thanks Flybear! It is so weird how I cant remember how I felt for the other two. It is like when it is over it all becomes a blur. I am very excited though because I just got a real job working my own hours at home!! I have been looking FOREVER for something I can do from home and it is all scams, you have to put up money for the job etc... FINALLY I am hired in a position! My house is still a mess and dh is out of town for work. UH!! I just want to get things together!!! One of my friends is coming to sleep over tonight to help with some stuff. I should feel much better after! yeah!!!!


austynsmommy - December 20

Well I had my son. He was born on December 18th. How is everyone else?


mjvdec01 - December 21

austynsmommy, We still need your entire birth story!!



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