I Am So Stupid I Know

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stupid stupid stupid - October 4

I made some eggs for lunch today and when I was all finished eating and went to throw away the empty carton for the eggs i noticed the expiry date on it was almost a month ago! I cooked them over easy but the yolks were almost cooked through. I didn't notice any smell, and when I was eating them thought they tasted really good before I saw the date. I know I am stupid and should have looked at that sooner, but now I am worried. Its been like four hours since I ate them, and the only thing I feel is hungry again.


Ash - October 4

I thought that all eggs and meats had to be cooked well done when you are prego? Although I cant help but want a over easy egg once in awhile, but I think eggs stay good for awhile after the ex. date cuz my mom just ate some eggs this morning that ex. in august, so I think as long as the yolk is orange and they dont smell then you are in the clear.


sarah - October 4

omg, you think you're stupid? i didn't even know eggs had expiration dates! lol.


stupid stupid stupid - October 4

well I know that if you put a raw egg in a gla__s of water and it sinks, it's still good. If it's bad it will float to the top or sometimes sit in the middle. That's why I feel so stupid, I know all that, and usually check my eggs that way around or after the ex. date, but I was just too hungry today.


Stephanie - October 5

I would not worry about it.....That date is not an expiration of when it goes bad but rather the last date the store can sell it........sometimes milk will stay good after the "expiration date" but I think it depends on how cold you keep it or how often you open and shut the fridge door! Hope this helps.......Oh and thats a neat idea with the floating egg..I am going to try that...GL


C - October 5

If the eggs were stored in the fridge, it should be OK.


Heidi - October 5

We've eaten eggs that are way beyond their date. They usually just don't taste as fresh. Never got sick over it.


J. - October 5

I really wouldn't worry about it. Your body would tell you if there was a problem with it. In the future it's best to cook eggs thoroughly, but hey, I"m guilty of licking cake and cookie batter bowls, and that's raw egg. You just do the best you can and try not to sweat it.


tracy - October 5

try not to worry about it - the worst thing about eggs would be if you contracted salmonella; and that is something that you would've gotten from those same eggs if they were farm-fresh. it doesn't develop over time in the fridge, it would have to be in the egg once it's laid.



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