I Disgust My Pregnant Wife

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joannadan - September 19

My wife is 31 weeks pregnant and this is not the first time she has said this BUT am i being too emotional myself when my wife says " I told you he is not yours" " you totally disgust me" and the she pushes me away or even on two occassions has punched me. first of all I am about 99% sure the baby is mine and as for disgusting her that may be the hormonal or maybe the fact that without me she would not be pregnant and thus i disgust her because she is NOT happy with uncomfiness of pregnancy. so am i being a wuss?


January - September 19

A wuss? No.. A saint for putting up with that. Pregnant or not.. there are some things that are not acceptable to say.


jennifer_33106 - September 19

Exactly!! Damn... She needs to treat you with some respect! I dont care if shes pregnant or not. Like January said, there are some things that are not acceptable to say. I would like to add or do as well. She shouldnt be hitting you.


LN - September 19

Is this just a pregnant thing? Or did she treat you like this before she was pregnant.


Terio - September 19

Uhh no, you're within your rights to be a tad concerned about this stuff. Sorry, but there's a lot of pregnant women out there that use the 'hormone card' as a license to act like a complete b___h, expecting the world to excuse their actions because they are pregnant. I just had a baby last month, and can tell you there are times when you want to scream at the world (and might even do it!), but to stoop to telling you that you aren't the father of the child just to hurt you, simply says she's a mean and spiteful person ~ don't excuse her mean nature as a product of pregnancy. Good luck, now MAN UP, YOU WUSS! (just kiddin)


cfuller - September 19

Um, that's totally not appropriate to do/say to your husband! The woman needs to be respectful of you! To have the audacity to even say that the child isn't even yours is just appaling! I would NEVER say or do something like that to my husband ever! My hubby and I are sarcastic by nature but we have never joked about the baby not being his and I don't ever hit him either. (Unless he goes too far with his "joking" then I swat his b___t!) You have every right to be upset by your wifes actions. Pregnancy is a lame excuse for the way she is treating you. Stand up for yourself and don't let her abuse you like that. I'm sorry you are having to deal with that.


joannadan - September 20

I appreciate all of the words of support however isnt stress a major issue during pregnancy and I am doing my best to NOT show her how upset I am and thus NOT adding stress to her situation wouldnt standing up for myself just cause more stress and be even more harmful to the baby? I mean I would GLADY LET HER hit me hell if she wants i will give her a baseball bat if it helps my child. and I will smile as i take the abuse


musicbaby - September 20

:-) Your very sweet to worry about causing stress but lets face it if she is getting this upset and saying these types of things in the first place then it is obvious that she isnt coping too well with her emotions as it is.... You dont have to be mean to stand up for yourself, stay calm and just tell her that its not on! Tell her that you understand that she is emotional and not feeling well at the moment but that its not fair to treat you this way and that you would never do this to her in return. She may fly off the handle again but stick to your guns. When she starts to act like that just walk out of the room, it sounds like becuase she is not feeling well she is looking for attention and reasurance that you care about her. Dont reward her bad behaviour by reacting to it instead try and find a more positive way to make her feel better. You treat people how to treat you and if you want more respect you have to expect it. :-) Oh and if this is just totally not her and she has really changed since being pregnant then perhaps you need to talk to someone else, it is always possible that she could not be dealing with this pregnancy very well and may need someone to talk to. If she is normally confrontational but has just got worse then now is as good a time as any to stand up for yourself. GL.


musicbaby - September 20

If you look through some of these other posts then you will see that lots of us have stress to deal with while pregnant. Being pregnant does do crazy things to your body and mind but is no excuse to treat someone so badly. So unless you think that its a real problem that needs to be addressed by a Dr then you are probably doing her and your baby a favour cause her getting worked up to the point where she would lash out like that is not good for her stress levels as it is! Right I am done now... sorry I went on so much. Hope that you can resolve this, you sound like a nice guy.


AngelinLuv - September 20

Wow. You're tolerant, but that is unacceptable- pregnant or not. If I did that to hubby, he'd tell me where to go.


January - September 20

Have you even considered the idea that maybe she isn't saying things just to be hurtful and that infact she knows something that you do not and you aren't the father of the child? If it's like this now, what do you expect it to be like once this baby is here.. or is she even going to allow you to be in the delivery room.. is she going to put YOUR name on the birth certificate... these are all things that she doesn't have to do. If I were you, I'd try to get to the root of this problem before the baby arrives.


KDR - September 20

Yes, hormones make you nuts but not that nuts. She has some serious issues and you guys may want to consider some counseling (both individual and couples) after the baby is born. Is she on any meds for mood disorder or depression? It may not be healthy for either of you to continue this relationship. Abuse is abuse and you shouldn't have to put up with that.


AntsWife - September 20

Please stand up for yourself. It might actually make the situation better. She's obviously pushing for some reaction she's not getting out of you and as far as stress goes, she's putting more on the baby just by being a raging B*tch. Stand up, tell her that her behavior is unacceptable and by all means DO NOT let her hit you- that's just nuts!


beagle1223 - September 20

In my opinion, it sounds like your wife is not coping too well with this pregnancy. Was the baby a surprise or planned? Was she like this before she was pregnant? It sounds like maybe there is something much deeper going on than for her behavior to be just hormonal. Maybe she's feeling trapped or something and doesn't know how else to deal with the stress - not that that is an excuse to hit you or anything. I would definitely suggest she see a doctor or a counselor to try to work some of this out.


lily10 - September 20

Why does your wife tell you that the baby is not yours??!! What kind of thing is that for a wife to say to her DH? You are not being a wuss at all, your wife sounds like she has some issues she needs to work out. Her issues could certainly be magnified by the pregnancy but it sounds like she had some problems before hand.


jenna32 - September 20

Well did you do anything to her or hurt her(emotionally that is, i doubt you would physically) even a bit? Even little things can get a prg woman pretty mad!


joannadan - September 20

In answer to jenna32, on most recent incident where she said I was NOT the babies father and I totally disgust her I admit I did do something to make her angry heres the situation she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes about 2 weeks ago she flat out refuses to change her diet OR even monitor her blood sugar I went with her to her appointment as i always do and when the doctor asked if she was monitoring and if she was eating right she started to give a lame answer like she was trying I jumped in and said "NO she wasnt as a matter of fact we have 5 readings on a meter that should have 56 reading and only those because I forced her to do them twice and I did it twice to show her it doesnt hurt and she flat out refuses to change her diet"



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