I Don T Know How Much Longer I Can Take This

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Erins Mom - October 5

My back has seriously been hurting so bad the last few days the only thing I can compare it to is back labor, but without the labor....it's constant, not intermitant. I've been to the chiropractor every day since Tuesday and although it helps temporarily, by the afternoon I can hardly move, let alone pick up my daughter....I'm caving and calling the doctor, although I don't know what she can do for it. It just came on so suddenly on Monday and it's lasted ALL week. I haven't done anything strenuous, so I don't know what's causing it...ughh..frustrating. I generally don't take anything while I'm pregnant, you guys know me, miss au natural, but seriously I can't do 10 more weeks of this....just send some prayers my way, anything I need help!


DaBonkElsMe - October 5

Just in my own experience and in observing those close to me, chiropractic work can sometimes make things work by making your bones reliant upon it. In other words, once you start getting adjustments, you will always need adjustments. In my experience exercise and stregth training the lower back muscles makes a HUGE difference in back pain. Of course this may be useless to you now b/c I am not sure what type of strength training you can do with you back muscles at this stage of pregnancy, but certain pilates and yoga moves are safe, even late in pregnancy and may help. Also my doctor told me that taking tylennol and using icey hot are both safe. He also suggested a heating pad, which helps AOLT with my lower back pain. Sorry your hurting, hope you find a way to ease the pain...


DaBonkElsMe - October 5

I meant chiropractic work can make things *worse*


DaBonkElsMe - October 5

Just to clear up any confusion on my last few posts around here, I go to an office with 5 doctors and several midwives, so i sometimes refer to my Doctors as "he" sometimes "she" depending on which one I am talking about. I just realized it seems a little weird that I use a different prnoun with several of my posts about my doctors... Sorry to get off topic on your thread.


mrssolo - October 5

DaBonkElsMe I have the same thing my dr. changes s_x monthly, lol. Erins Mom I feel your pain. I'm not sure how much longer I can hang in there. The discomfort everywhere is starting to wear me down. I'll keep you in my prayers and hopefully you find some releif soon.


Brendansmom - October 5

I had to go to physical therapy during my 1st pregnancy for horrible back pain. It was the only thing that gave me any kind of relief. I would try it. My back pain ended up being worse than labor!! And of course the same pain is starting again :( Good luck!


AmberNicole - October 5

I'm sorry to hear about your pain, but glad to know I'm not suffering alone. Mine got so bad, yesterday, that I finally went to the chiropractor. He wouldn't adjust me, he just put the electrode things on me and some Bio-Freeze and used a ma__sager! My back is KILLING me, along with my ribs. I'm a wreck!



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