I Drank The 1st 20 Weeks I Was Pregnant Very Concerned

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lrp - May 16

I was still in college when I got pregnant. I didnt find out I was pregnant until this past Feruary 12th and up until that point I was drinking quite a bit, liquor, wine, beer, the works. But when I found out I was pregnant I was already into my 20th week. I told the dr of my beinging drinking habits, and he said that from the ultrasound everything looks like its on course. I still however get a horrible feeling in my stomach at the thought of what I coud have done to my baby while I was unaware of my pregnancy. Has this happened to anyone or anyones freind or family memeber? How was the babys final condit_ton once born. I know every situation and person is different.. and there isnt much i can do now. Still I worry about my immature mistakes... if anyone has any info I would love to hear your input. (due July 12th w/ a girl). Thanks for your time and thoughts!


Lyssa - May 16

I think everyone worries that the baby will be born abnormal. I had the healthiest pregnancy and all the ultrasounds showed he was perfect, but I was still worried sick that he would have Down's syndrome or something, right up until I saw his face. Pray for her to be healthy and try to relax. If you are stressed, she is also. Don't worry--she will be perfect!!


Maddie - May 16

Hey lrp...I know exactly how you feel. I was binge drinking a lot too...you know that's kind of become a fad for younger college students hasn't it? The definition of binge drinking is like more than 5 drinks at one occasion right? I don't think I ever had well over 5...but I know I fit the definition of binge drinker. I found out fairly early that I was preg. (2 months into it). I have prayed that the Lord has forgiven me, and repaired any damage I could have done to my son. That's all I could do. It's scary, but have faith. The chances are very high for damage to a fetus in CHRONIC ALCOHOLICS...women who consume more than 5 drinks per day!


sara - May 16

I also understand how you feel except I didn't drink, I used crystal meth. I stopped when I found out I was pregnant at 5wks, but because my partner was so addicted to, he continued to use and I gave in twice before I was 20wks. I beat myself up about it for a long time but I've talked to my doctor about it and he said as long as I don't do it anymore the baby should be fine. I am now 39wks and left my partner to insure I won't harm my baby anymore.



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