I Feel Huge Anyone Else

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dani - October 19

I'm 30 weeks pregnant and have put on 29 pounds. My pre-pregnancy weight was 115 lbs. Now I'm 144 lbs. I know your supposed to gain weight and all, I'm fine with it but I just feel huge and that I put on the weight too fast. I guess I'm posting this b/c I look in the mirror and see these huge arms, legs and cellulite. Anyone else feel like this too???


Ca__sie - October 19

29 lbs at 30 weeks isn't even that bad... you may feel huge, but to others I'm sure you just look cute and pregnant. :-) I've gained a lot more.


Lesley - October 19

I have put on loads of weight, but never actually weighed myself, so don't know how much. I know my bum and thighs have grown loads! And my feet and face has puffed out. My belly is ma__sive, I get asked often if I'm having twins.


Adriana - October 19

well i've gained about the same i'm 33 weeks and was 113 before and am 147 now. i was told it was normal and to top it all off i'm really short (only 5'0)


dani - October 19

Thanks ladies, wow, I feel a whole lot better now hearing from you guys. My dr explained to me that I was putting on weight too fast and that I should slow down on the carb intake, but HELLO I'm pregnant and that's really hard to do, ya know....lol. I hear all these other women who have only gained 20 lbs and their 30 weeks. I don't understand it....


Tara - October 19

wait until your 37 weeks like me..i was a size 4 before i got pregnant..but i've gained alot of weight and i waddle..i took me and my mom 10 minutes to get my swollen fat feet into my shoes...lol..don't feel bad you'll lose it after the baby comes..


MOO - October 19

Yes! I feel the exact same way! Can't wait be small again! It is gonna be soo nice, I am tired of feeling like a d__n cow!! Even though it has been fun eating everything I see! LOL!


Ashlie - October 20

With my first son I gained 85lbs, I had "baby fat" everywhere, I had a stretchmark on almost every inch of my body and my baby was only 8lbs 1.1oz now with my 2nd one I have gained about 45lbs, all in my tummy and being induced next week with what will most likely be a 9lb baby.


lisa - October 20

i dont know in pounds but ive put on 23 kilos about 3 stone, but lost 3 kilos this week which i hope means baby will come soon, im due in 2 days


Steph - October 20

I just went to the doctor yesterday and was shocked to see that I had gained 6lbs in two weeks. My doctor says that I am really swollen though, so he thinks alot of my weight gained is water retention. I am 35 weeks and have gained 26lbs.


Lisa - October 20

I feel the same way 31 lbs at 35 weeks, I haven't been able to wear shoes for about 4 weeks thank god for flip flops. I keep gaining and have been working out until last week when I broke my toe so now in addition to my preggo wobble I limp from my toe lol.


SRG - October 20

I am 37 weeks and gained 17lbs so far. They say the last few weeks you really start to gain the weight. I just keeping thinking every pound I gain is so worth it. Right? LOL! Good Luck!


Melissa - October 20

I am 30 weeks and have gained 11 pounds so far, but I was overweight to start with, so I didn't need to gain as much. However, I do still feel huge, and if one more person says "you are getting SO BIG!" I am going to break down and cry! I know they are just commenting on the fact that my pregnancy is progressing, but all of my life I have struggled with my weight, and the last thing I want to hear is how BIG I look! Some people can make such rude comments!


Swtpea - October 20

*sigh* I feel huge, and I still have 2 months to go, i've put on 35ish pounds since the beginning and i'm only 29wks *shrugs*..... mostly in my hips. I looked in my closet this morning and looked through some of my pre pregnancy clothes,... and nearly started to cry. =o/ I know it will end, and this is temp. and even if i have to do some work over the next year to get it off I will... thats just who I am. But... I miss wearing my cute outfits.


dani - October 20

Swtpea, I hear ya! I'm up there too....and I hate this feeling of being huge. I feel my hips & b___t getting bigger and bigger....lol. And my arms are packing on the weight too, almost embaressed to wear tank tops now...lol. What does your dr say about your weight? Is she/he concerened? My dr said I need to cut out the carbs, but that's way too hard.


Gina - October 20

Hey Dani, remember we are due at the same time. I have gained 28 pds so far. I am 5' 7". How tall are you? Everyone tells me I look like I am ready to go already or how many are in there? It's sad. How ya feeling these days?


dani - October 20

Hi Gina, I'm 5 "3 and I feel like I've put on too much too fast. Maybe b/c I'm so short it feels like more, ya know. I definitley don't look like I'm ready to pop just yet, but I am big. I think it was a lack of not watching what I was eating and basically shoveling whatever into my mouth...ha ha. I ate so much in the first trimester that I think it's all catching up with me. I love carbs too and that's not good if your trying to not put on the extra weight. What was your pre-pregnancy weight? Mine was 115 lbs. I'm feeling pretty good, but my back is starting to get the best of me. How are you feeling?



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