I Feel Stupid

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sam - October 21

for asking this but im panicking that once my baby is born i wont know how often to feed her or bath her or what time i should do those things. also what time she should go to bed, will there be anyone to tell me these things???


JB - October 21

It kinda comes to you. Feed her when she is hungry, especially if you are planning to b___stfeed. Some people try to get their babies on a schedule at an early age, but that again is personal preference. You'll only be able to sponge bathe her until the umbilical cord comes off, after that, it's up to you. I almost ended up bathing both of my girls everyday or every other day (I love the way they smell as soon as they get out of a bath). Believe it or not, in the beginning, they pretty much sleep most of the time (usually anywhere an hour or two) and then wake up and want to be changed and fed. Just to let you know Sam, I have 2 children and am due with my 3rd. If you have any more questions, just holler!! Good luck!!


Christine - October 21

Sam - as JB said it kinda comes to you. Prior to having my son 3 years ago I had only changed 1 1/2 diapers (I couldn't finsih the other 1/2 because it made me sick). Anyway, it's really strange how it all just comes to you, it really in all honesty just hits you. Also, this is my 2nd and it's not any easier. I haven't been around a baby since my son was born 3 years ago so it's kinda like starting over again and I have some of the same fears that you do but in the back of my head, I think that I'll be alright that right now my fears are steming from preg. hormones. Good luck to you and remember that if there are ever any questions, that is what the dr. is there for or your family and friends.


kris10 - October 21

I remember when my son was born 2 years ago - I was panicked!! I had never changed a diaper, babysat anyone under 4 years old.. didn't know anything!! The hospital staff was great, they do help a lot - especially for first time parents. My husband was the one to change the first diaper, I was too nervous that I was going to put it on wrong. Just don't worry - (easier said than done I know) - but either your midwife or doctors/nurses will help you out! I hope this helps for you to sleep a bit easier.. :) Good Luck!


Ca__sie - October 21

I'm nervous about all this stuff too, but I think it is the "unknown" that we are more scared about than the reality of it. I think when we have that little baby home with us, it won't be as scary as we thought it would be. Book can be very helpful too. They can't compare to experience, but if you read through some stuff, it will put your mind at ease.


Lesley - October 21

When I had my 1st son I was only 17. I had never even looked after a baby in my life. The first few weeks was hard gettin used to life as a mum but now looking back I don't know why I worried. It will all come to you, and you don't need to worry :-)


YC - October 21

Hi Sam, I am taking a "Hello Baby" cla__s which helps give info on all of these things. I am not sure where you live but most local health departments offer this type of cla__s for free and it's only a couple of hours. But like everyone said here, I hear most of it is instinct. I get scared about things like what do I do if she is eating to fast and starts choking or how do I know when to check for a fever, etc. I am a first timer. Dont feel stupid for asking lots of questions and utilize the nurses and advice lines. That's what they are there for. Afterall, it's not like these little ones come with instructions.



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