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Julie - October 19

I had my second baby boy Ethan John on Monday. I was 4 days past due and my doctor induced me at 3:30pm and he was here by 10:39. It was an extremely easy and fast labor. I got there and they started the pitocin and within a couple hours I was 3 cm and then before I had any pain I got the epidural and then the doctor broke my water. I was diated to 10 in no time and only pushed for about 20 min. It was an enjoyable and pain free experience. I now however have a terrible cold and am worried I am going to give it to the baby any advice would be appreciated! Good luck to all!


Tara - October 19

Awww congrats on the baby boy...My Dr. has advised me on using Tylenol for pain relief etc. i would suggest talking to your Dr. and maybe using Tylenol Cold if your b___stfeeding..if your not you could probably use anything..TheraFlu is very good my husband and i both have drank this the lemon isn't bad and it is soothing.Good Luck.


JB - October 19

Congrats!!! I hope all of ours goes as well as your did!


Tonia - October 19

Congratulations Julie that is so good to hear. I'm 4 days over due and I wish my Dr. could induce me right about now but unfortunately I have to wait until the 25th. As for advice on your cold make sure you check with your Dr. on what to take and just make sure you wash your hands with some antibacteria soap before you pick up your baby.


lisa - October 20

well done julie, im happy for you and jelous....:-) im due sat and know i wont get an induction for 14 days after if i dont go!!!, do you have any photos of Ethan.


Mary - October 20

Julie! Congrats and how awesome you had such a positive delivery. Question, why did your doctor decided to induce you 4 days after due date and not later? I just want to know because the way i am going I will be in your shoes soon- 9 days to due date here.


Julie - October 21

Well my doctor doesn't like to see you go a week past and I was there on Thur. and nothing so she said come back Mon. I went and was only dialated a finger tip but she put me on the monitor and I was having mini contractions so she said OK how would you like to have your baby today? I said great!!!!!!!! It was awesome! I highly recommend the epidural!



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