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carmendanielle - April 4

Hey everyone. I just thought I would write and tell you about my experiences this last week. Last Tuesday I went for my first internal. The doctor said I had no early signs of labor. However!!! The next day I got up from the computer and felt like I was going to pass a blood clot or something, and so I started walkign to the bathroom and woosh! My water broke jsut like that. My husband and I went to teh hospital, completely unconvinced that I could be in labor. My due date was April 20. And this happened on March 29th! When we got there it was a sure thing. I didn't have any contractions until about 2:30am. They had to put me on pitosin because I stayed at 3 cm for too long. At 5 am the contractions started getting pretty intense, but I opted not to take any drugs. At around 11 am I started pushing (which is probably one of the hardest things I have ever experienced!) but the baby's head ended up being face up, something they hadn't known when I began pushing. So they had to use a vacuum at the end to get her down. At 12:37pm my beautiful baby girl was born and I feel like a different person. She is perfect and we are smitten with her! Her name is Cate Rowan and she was 6 lbs 1 oz. We have been home with her now for 3 days and things are going very well.


ry - April 4

congratulations on your little one! My little girl was born March 30. It is so amazing isnt it? Best of luck to you!


Amy_mommy - April 4

wow, 6 pounds but u delievered early! if u stayed 20 more days, did u think u're baby was going to gain more weight?


Amy_mommy - April 4

oh yeah, did u have ANY signs of pre labor? 'cause i'm due next wed. and so far, NO SIGNS OF PRE-LABOR! NO DIALATION, NO CONTRACTIONS, NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ash2 - April 4

was this your first baby??


meme - April 4

Congratulations! I'm already feeling empathetic with all the "smitten" ladies on here who've had their babies. I can't wait!


Rabbits07 - April 4

Congratulations! Last week must have been the week for lots of babies!


Tamisha - April 8




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