I Had My Baby

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Toya - May 10

Hello ladies! Just writing to update. I had my baby on my DUE DATE!! Cool huh? On Mother's Day morning at 10:20am I gave birth to Asjani Iman Cunningham. She was 8lbs 2oz. I labored for 8 hours. The pushing stage was only 15 minutes and ladies let me tell you that the pushing stage is the BEST stage! It was a natural child birth. No epidural, no narcotics, no local anesthetic.etc The only thing is that I did get a third degree tear inside the left wall of my va___a that required st_tching...ouch! I was released from the hospital this afternoon. I am nursing and my milk is just now coming in! Ladies thanks for all of the advice. I wish you the best of luck in your deliveries! It was the best day of my life!


Erin - May 10

CONGRATS!!!! How awesome for you that you did it all natural!!!


Maddie - May 10

Wow! No pain meds AT ALL?? How awesome. What advice can you give me...I want to do mine natural too! I'm due June15th.


erika - May 11

congrats on the birth of your daughter god bless you n your family


nm - May 11



Kelly B - May 11



CJ - May 11



Toya - May 11

Here are some photos. http://public.fotki.com/mzhoneyluv


C - May 12

Congrats, how amazing for your first baby...no medications, awesome:) Enjoy your new beautiful baby girl !!!


Melissa - May 12

Wow! Beautiful baby! I saw the pics and what a beautiful family. Ok Toya, you do not look like you just had a baby in these pics! You look absolutely gorgeous! I had a baby boy on St. Pat's day, all natural as well. Doesn't it feel great to know you can do it all natural?! This baby is my 3rd, boy! Anyway, congratulations and enjoy!


tara - May 12

Congratulations! I'm glad to hear you and baby are doing well. And how awsome to have your baby on the due date and on Monther's day - best gift ever! Congrats again your your beautiful baby girl. btw - you look awsome!


Maxine - May 12

You had a natural child birth with an 8 pound baby ?!? You go girl! Your baby is beautiful.


E - May 13

Hi toya, congraulations... I had my baby may11th,05 she was 8lbs 1oz... not a ten pounder like the doctor said.. so i was kind of happy at that! but it was painful and i didnt get drugs..


Toya - May 13

Go E!!!!! May 11th is my birthday!!!! Didn't it feel good to her natural? To me, the postpartum soreness is worse than the actual labor! ha ha! I can barely sit because of this tear. Are you b___stfeeding? Can you believe that my baby's umbilical cord fell off yesterday?


Lisa A - May 15

Congrats Toya!!!!!!!!!!! You and the baby look awesome!!!


E - May 15

It was very painful experince.. and it was not fun at all. My labour lasted less then 5 hrs which was the nice part. I have over 12 stiches because my doctor gave me an episotomy.. and i find that's very hard. I am b___stfeeding... wow does it take alot of work, my b___bs are sore and they are huge. But im happy it's all over now and im recovering good and my baby is happy. So how are you holding up?? the night time feeding are hard though..


Toya - May 16

E, I understand what you're going through. The labor part was the easy part for me because of how short it was. I labored 3 hours at home, and 5 hours at the hospital. I gave birth on my side, because it was most comfortable! I wish I had an episiotomy, because I got a 3rd degree tear that required st_tches. (not sure how many). It is still very sore, which is annoying. Breast-feeding has not been painful for me. Sometimes when the baby doesn't empty a b___st all the way, it gets engorged...but I try to manually express excess milk and I alternate b___sts. The baby is doing good. She weighs 8lbs 8oz now. The night time feedings are rough some times...like last night, she would nurse, sleep for 10 minutes, nurse, sleep for 10 minutes...etc. She didn't do a whole feeding. Babies are so unique!! ;) Everything has been GREAT, except my st_tches. Do yours hurt the most when you stand up after sitting for a long time? That's when mine hurt the most. I have to sit on a donut pillow. E, do you have a boppy pillow? That helps my b___stfeeding.



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