I Had My Baby Girl

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Tillie - June 7

I can't believe after three trimesters on this forum I am finally telling my baby story! I was induced last Friday, June 2nd, at 38.1 weeks, after perpetually low amniotic fluid. As many of you know, I was TERRIFIED to be induced, but I can't tell you what an incredibly beautiful, magical, near painless experience it was. I went into the hospital at 7:30 am and found the L&D floor completely jammed. I was so nervous I was shaking, and had so spend many hours waiting in the triage center for a bed to open up. My doctor was wonderful, checking on me regularly, keeping an eye on the baby with an external fetal monitor (this is painless). My husband and I listened to several women in labor around us who were also waiting for rooms and were petrified because they were moaning and crying. Didn't help our nerves at all. Around 3, we got a bed and I was given an enema to try to kick start contractions because the doctor said I was already 3 cm dilated. I was contracting some, but not enough to get labor started, so I got a petocin drip. I decided to wait on the epidural a while to see how it felt. Over the course of a couple of hours I had the pitocin dose upped three times and I dilated to a 5 centimeters. The contractions were completely fine--I wasn't really suffering at all. But the anesthesiologist came in and said he was ready to give me an epidural if I wanted one. My doctor said if I got one, we could up the dose again and I could have the baby that night. I really felt good about it--and I was just so excited! I got the epi, and found it wasn't nearly as awful as I'd heard, at least for me. Some weird tingling in my back and then my legs got very cold and numb, yet not numb to the touch--I could feel my hands on them and everything. I threw up right afterwards when my blood pressure dropped and then was raised again with some sort of shot, but that was the most drama until the end. For the next few hours, thanks to the epi and my terrifically kind doctor, I was able to talk to my mother and husband, laugh, tell stories, and then around 8-9 centimeters the pain seeped right through the epidural and my husband and I breathed through the next hour and a half of contractions until I reached 10 cm. By then it was about 10:30 pm and I began to feel the urge to push which really scared me--suddenly I began saying, "I'm not ready! Wait!" but there was no stopping it, so I pushed. My mom held a leg and my husband held a leg and I pushed for about an hour with everything in me. I broke blood vessles in my face, threw up from the force of pushing, moaned in between, and then watched in the mirror as this tiny head of black hair began to crown and then crown further until she was almost out. I was crying and saying, "Please come out!!" and everyone was laughing and excited and rooting me on, and the doctor was continuously rubbing cream all around my va___al opening to prevent tearing and then finally she came out! It was so victorious. I couldn't believe my eyes--it seemed like no one could. My husband was just agasp as they pulled the shoulders out, then her body, suctioned her mouth, he cut the cord and then they gave her to me. I snuggled her up immediately and began trying to br___t feed her while they st_tched me up. I had two 1st degree tears (no episiotomy, as I'd asked) and I must say I had to really stay focused on the baby in order to not cry out from the needle and thread I could see and feel somewhat going in and out of sight down there. Very strange. So our little Chloe is here and she's beautiful and angelic. I never knew I could love anything so much. In the days since I've been struggling with the PAIN of sore nipples and br___tfeeding which is HARD--but I know it's going to get better, so nothing is stopping me. Not even crying through a feeding from the pain. The other big hurts are the tears which keep me from sitting up--your Boppy pillow will be your new best friend! But above all the pain is the most stunning experience of your life. I still can't stop thinking about how magical it all was. I would do it all again in a second and not change a thing. I'm going to come on this forum regularly, though, to read about all your pregnancies, especially you June mommies--I can't wait to hear your birth stories!! I know they will all be beautiful. Many thanks to everyone for all the help over the past months. This site was truly indispensible.


Tillie - June 7

WOW was that long...sorry!!


krista-lee - June 7

congrats!! my doctor might have me go to the hospital tomorrow after my appointment to be induce, so this gives me a good feeling! i thought it would be horrible, but it sounds like you got along fine! thanks soooo much for the positive story! and good luck b___stfeeding!


Steph - June 7

Congrats Tillie!! Enjoy your new family!!! :o)


Tillie - June 7

Krista-lee, honestly I would induce again without a thought! It was wonderful. I'm strangely envious that you'll experience it all tomorrow--I want to relive and relive it again. It's so odd...but GOOD LUCK! You'll do great.


Tillie - June 7

Thanks Steph! And I forgot to say--she was 6 pounds 4 ounces and 19.5 inches long. She looks like a little peach!


miraclebaby - June 7

congrats to you, i am happy your are so overwhelmed. enjoy her and good luck


lindsay - June 7

congrats, so beautiful... i love hearing all these birth stories... i will be ready to share mine in5 days or less (well, will probably be a bit longer before i feel like sitting at my computer and posting) but i am so happy everything went so well for you! i hope i can look at my experience in the same way!! enjoy your little"peach" :-)


MooBaby - June 8

Oh Tillie, I am so happy for you and Chloe... I am touched by your experience and can't wait for my own. I am heartened to hear that you would do it all over again in a second. Hang in there with b___stfeeding, we are all rooting for you two to make it!! Congrats on your bundle of joy!


mia - June 8

congratulations tillie....your story is encouraging, thankyou.Goodluck .


Nora1 - June 8

Tillie, I'm so happy to hear that you're happy with the way everything went! I know how nervous you were. Thanks for sharing your story and enjoy the new baby!!!


Nita_ - June 9

Tillie -- ohhhh such a wonderful birth story!! I'm sooo happy for you (I got teary eyed by the end of it! sheesh my hormones! But thanks for sharing your story and am so glad all went well especially after your move to NY and low amniotic fluid and what not...Chloe is such a beautiful name. Enjoy your little "peach"!! I hope mine goes as good as yours!


drea - June 9

What a beautiful story. I hope we all have such a nice delivery story. Best of Luck to you and your little Cloe.



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