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Corrine321 - June 19

I was induced at 6:00 am on Thursday June 15. I was 39 weeks and 4 days! I got there and I was 4 cm dilated and they started me on pitocin. The doctor broke my water at about 9:00am and pretty much right after that contractions started! I couldnt handle them very long... So about 11:00 I got a epidural! And thing were sooo great after that!! I was dilating sooo fast! Once I reaced 5 cm things went very fast!! Once I got to 8 cm they checked me agian 15 minutes later and I was 10!!! So the doctor said its time to have this baby!! I started pushing at 1:00 pm and I had her by 1:21pm!! Zack (my fiance' now) proposed to me right after I had the baby... It was right infront of the doctor, nurses and my mom! I was sooo amazed!! I was crying he was crying, we love our baby girl sooo much!! I am glad It only took 7 hours and 21 minutes and only 20 minutes of pushing!! The doctor said that thats very good for a first time mom and getting induced!! We named her Brooklynn June, She weighed 6 lbs. 9 oz, 20 inches long, and of course she was born on June 15, 2006!! She looks just like her daddy!! www.Corrine09.piczo.com (Theres pics there)


Trish# - June 19

CONGRATS! What a great birth story! I hope mine is as uncomplicated and quick as yours! What a sweet proposal, too. I'm sure this is the best time of your life!!


Nita_ - June 19

ohhh such a sweet birth story!! Congrats on your baby girl as well as your engagement Corrine! So very happy for you! and such a short labor too! I hope mine is like yours too!


krista-lee - June 19

congrats Corrine!! shes beautiful and so tiny! i hope everything works out with you and Zack, that was such a sweet way to propose, and he looks like hes going to make a perfect dad! Emy is exactly one week older then Brooklynn, how cute! hope she doesnt give you too much trouble!!


ashley - June 19

congrats! I checked out all your pictures she is adorable! How you carried after she dropped is how I've looked since about 30 weeks, though this is my second pregnancy and you supposively don't drop in second plus pregnancies... well im glad she is here and im glad you had an easy labor!!! very exciting!


GraphxGirl - June 19

Congrats on your baby and engagement... best of luck to you and your family !!!


ChannY - June 19

Aww congrats darling! You're so lucky he's still with you:) and your beautiful daughter! I'm so happy for you:) Daddy looking very happy, awww. Congrats on your easy birth and engagement <3 :) xx Hope all is well


Been There - June 19

Corrine, that is absolutely wonderful! I'm glad things went well for you. New baby and soon-to-be new husband. You have your family together and that is great. I love the baby's name. Congratulations!


miraclebaby - June 19

congrats on everything, thats wonderful. glad you , baby and fiance are all ok. take care and enjoy her.



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