I Had My Beautiful Baby Boy

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Fatima - June 7

I know it took long to post this but I have been so busy with my new baby and we have also moved to another house so its a disaster there. Anyway, my due date was may 22nd and my ob said that if I did not go into labor by 41 weeks I would be induced. Well I only went past due 3 days, on may 25th, around midnight I started getting contractions 5 minutes apart and quite strong. I didnt think it was time because it didnt feel like my ob said it would. I only felt pain in my lower part of my belly and it felt like I had indigestion or something. Well after an hour or so, with all that pain and since I had eaten too much I threw up (sorry, tmi). I called my ob and he said to go to the hospital. I met him there around 2:30 and I was already 4 cm dialted. But my baby was still too high up so they hooked me up on an iv, which made my contractions way stronger. But they were tolerable. In less then an hour, my baby had dropped almost completely so they gave me the epidural. It was such a releif. Around 5:45am I was completely dialated, and at 6:00am I was ready to push. The epidural that they gave me was only local to not feel the contractions, but I could still feel everything else. I pushed 2 times, but the baby was too big, so the doctor had to use forceps and I had a major episiotomy, and after 2 more pushes, baby was born at 6:12am, weighing 3.730 kilograms (around 8 pounds) and 53 centimeters. Once my baby was born and I heard him cry, it was the most magical experience I have ever felt. I cried along with him! I believe my labor was pretty quick and the pain was tolerable, which I was afraid I wouldnt be able to stand. But it was great, I wouldnt mind going through that again for such a beautiful reward. His name is Diego Alberto and he is so beautiful!


miraclebaby - June 7

congtrats to you, enjoy him :) :) :)


Lala - June 7

I love his name, and good for you--CONGRATS!


lindsay - June 7

awe, yet another beautiful story! congratulations and enjoy!!!



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