I Had My Little Girl Early

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Lindsay - February 13

I had Tyla Mackenzie on Feb 8, she was due march 18. My water broke and they were worried about infection so they gave me cortisteroid shots and induced with pitocin at 8am feb 8 ( I was 1cm 50%eff) and I had her at 6:12pm. She weighed 5lbs and 6oz, although shes at 4lbs 14 oz as of today, she's doing very well. Her little cries sound like kitten meows, I'm so happy she's healthy. Good luck to all the other moms. Epidurals are AWESOME imo =) I couldn't feel anything at all. Thanks for all the support, hang in there!


Girl Gilly - February 13

Congrats. Glad to hear that both you and the baby are okay, especially when she was born so early! Is she at home with you or still at the hospital? Enjoy your new little baby girl!


Lindsay - February 13

She's at home :) they didn't keep her any longer than term babies because she did so well, I do have to see the pediatrician more often her first fews weeks but thats no sweat bc he's my next door neighbor.


Girl Gilly - February 13

You chose your neighboor well! Glad to hear that she is doing so well! I am 34 weeks and am soo wanting to meet the little kicker inside me.


Jess - February 13

Lindsay_> how many weeks were you when you had her?


Kel - February 13

Congrats Lindsay - glad to hear everyone is doing well! Enjoy.


Lindsay - February 13

34 and a half weeks. I just came back from neighbors (dr) and she weighs 5 lbs even now. I'm in love <3


Marlene - February 13

Congrats I'm happy to hear you and baby are doing ok


rk - February 13

Congrats! Glad to hear you and your baby are doing well!!


Rachael - February 14

Wow! Congratulations! I'm really pleased to hear it's all turned out so well. I'm 33 weeks - it's exciting to hear that my little one could be born so soon and do so well! :o)


Lyn edd 8th april - February 14

Lindsay........... did you have any other signs that you were going to have your baby early ?


^lucy^ - February 14

congrats lindsay!! glad baby tyla is doing great :) dont u love their cries when they are like kitten meows,, they're adorable i cant wait to meet my baby girl as well but im still 26 weeks.. hope i wont be delivering early though since i wont be off to maternity leave until im 36 weeks,, 10 more weeks to go!! good luck to all of us :)


Lindsay - February 14

Lynn, I had bleeding periodically throughout my pregnancy and a bad kidney infection which could cause premature labor, but my dr said most likely it was just her poking a little hole in her pool. Happy Valentines Day everyone!



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