I Had My Little Man Birth Story

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mrsfiveday - July 5

38 weeks 4 days. Did alot of walking on canada day, enjoying the festivities in my city. Next morning (july 2)7 am when I went to sit up in bed, I felt a slight pop. Kind of like when you pop a really old balloon and the air slowly comes out. And then there was warm fluid. I tapped my dh's shoulder and said "you wanna hear something scary...I think my water just broke." he continued to sleep while I showered, ate breakfast and decided wether it was my water for sure. We got to labour and delivery at 9am, dr determined my membranes indeed ruptured. But since I didnt have regular contractions he gave me the option of a) drive 45 minutes back home and try to figure out on my own when it was time. or b) be induced. I think it was the best to be induced. Sure the contractions came on fast, but come on I was induced at 11 am and delivered at 2:56 pm, and the pain didnt get bad until around 1, when I asked for some releif... a shot of demerol which didnt seem to do anything, and gas to help me breath deep breaths. with a few strong pushes a miniscule tear and some nice big hemmrhoids my boy entered this world at 6lbs 5 oz...20". I didnt cry or scream, a couple of moans but that was it. The doctor asked me if I had yard work at home to do, because I went through it like a day at the office, he said I seemed like the kind who would go home and do yard work. lol. This was my first so I stayed in the hospital for 3 days making sure baby was latching on to the br___t and making sure I was confident about my abilities. I'll do it again one of these days.


Lala - July 5

CONGRATS, and good for you!


Tanna - July 5

Sounds like it was a good experience for you. Where I live insurance will not cover more than two days stay in hospital after a normal v____al delivery. So did the pain just remain tolerable for you, or do you have yard work to do?


julesnac - July 6

congrats!! we're all jealous of labors like yours!


K8 - July 6

YAY, congratulations. sounds like you did well. i hope my experience is one like that!


drea - July 6

Congrats, hope I have a nice easy delivery like that....good luck with your little guy



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