I Had My Preemie

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Layla - June 5

Hi Ladies! You may or may not have noticed that I havent posted for quite some time now. Thats because on 05/22 11am my water broke. I woke up because my pajamas were wet and thought I might have peed myself so I got up to go to the bathroom. I didnt feel like I had to pee but the liquid wouldnt stop. At first it was just a slow trickle but when I got to my Drs office she went down there to check to be sure it was actually my water and it burst all over her before she could put the tools all the way in. I was admitted into the hospital and where they informed me I'd be on bed rest. My water had broken but I wasn’t in active labor so they wanted to try and keep the baby in for at most another 2 weeks or until there were signs of an infection. Keep in mind that I was on 32weeks along at this point. So for the next week the monitored the baby and me while my amniotic fluid continued to leak. It was either I would go into active labor on my own, i would get an infection and they would induce or i would hit 2 weeks and they'd induce. So I laid in a hospital bed unable to get up even to use the bathroom or shower. I truly admire women who have had to be on bed rest for large portions of their pregnancy because the only thing that kept me sane was the sound of my baby’s heart beat coming from the monitor beside my bed. I so many roommates come and go because they would only be there for a short time before they went into labor. It was quite scary being that this was my first pregnancy and every few hours I heard women screaming in pain. The scariest point was one woman who stayed in the next bed had just had a c-section with a 12 lb baby!! Well she wasn’t recovering too well and her heart stopped. Drs filled our room as they rushed me out of it and luckily they were able to save her. But still it scared the h__l out of me because my Drs made it clear that a c-section was a possibility for me. But after that they all kept trying to reinforce that the majority of c-sections don’t go that way. Well after one week exactly my baby decided he'd stood all he could stand and he couldn’t stand anymore. I started have what felt like BH contractions at around 6am Monday morning. They started getting stronger and WAY more painful. About an hour later they decided it would be best to move me into a delivery room. There my contractions were coming so close I could barely have a break to relax. I had always planned to go natural but by the time my contractions got closer together I was BEGGING for relief. I never thought I would be one of those ppl who screamed and cried during labor but I made my fair share of noise and even had to apologize to my mom afterward for telling her to be quiet lol but she understood. The epidural came on the backs of angels i tell you!!! I tell u there is no sweeter drug. It was just frustrating because the anesthesiologist must have been a student or something because he had to stick me three different times in three different places meanwhile I’m having painful contraction after painful contraction with relief so close but yet so far until the women with him finally told him to get out of the way and did it herself in no time at all. Any who before I knew it I was fully dilated and it was time to say bye-bye to my epidural so that I could feel the need to push. The pushing was hard but not as painful as the contractions. It took a few pushes for me to get the hang of it and realize what I was pushing. The Dr told me it would feel like I had to do number to and that I should go with that feeling and try to do number 2 but I was so paranoid for pooing on myself that I was trying to push and hold it in at the same time. But once I figured out that was what was messing me up I pushed freely and got the hang of it and did it only took 2 big pushes and he was out (and just him, no poo lol). So on 05/29 11:22am after 6 hours of labor Randy Jr was born 4lbs 13oz 18in long, screaming his head off. The Drs think if he had stayed full term he woulda been a pretty big baby (i couldn’t imagine squeezing that out!) He's a good size for a preemie and was able to breathe on his own which was my Dr's biggest concern. He surprised and delighted everyone. We all thought he's had have to be whisked away and incubated as soon as he came out but instead I was able to hold him so was his father and my mother. His only problem was that his body temp was just a bit unstable, if it wasn’t for that he'd have left the hospital with me. So as soon as he got the hang of regulating his own temp without being in the warmer he was able to come home which he did on Friday afternoon. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancies ladies. I'm sure I'll still be around to check up on you, especially the July mommies even if now I'm a May Mommy ;)


marie - June 5

OMG Layla!! CONGRATULATIONS... Your story brought reality to me that I too will soon be a mom. Again CONGRATULATIONS and I hope you'll post a picture of your baby!!


Catherine - June 5

Marie- happy to hear you and baby are doing well. I can't believe I will have my lil man soon in my arms!


Catherine - June 5

Sorry Layla, I meant to write your name not Marie, lol pregnancy brain!


Victoria_1985 - June 5

Layla-I am so happy that everything went so well for you! You are truely blessed! Post a picture of your baby if you can! I wish all the luck in the world for you and your new family! Keep in touch!


Corrine321 - June 5

Congratulations! Im so happy that everything is okay with your baby! I wish you best of luck with you and your baby! You should get a picture up soon! Good Luck with things!


miraclebaby - June 5

Congrats to you that is quite a story, glad everything worked out. I am so happy for you. Its great he came home so soon and all. take care and again, congrats to you.


K8 - June 5

YAY FOR LAYLA AND RANDY JNR!!!!! you must be so proud, best of luck with being a mummy.


Atarahsmommy - June 5

Congratulations, I'm so glad that everything turned out ok, that had to be scary going into labor that early, I am (or was) about a week behind you I'm 33 1/2 weeks and this is my first too, did you have any sighns of preterm labor or did it just happen (the water breaking I mean) I figured I was pretty safe with it being my first and not having any signs like contractions other than bh.


ashley - June 5

Wow I am so glad that for being 8 weeks early your baby didn't have to have a long drawn out hospital stay! congrats! Im so happy for you.


Deb - June 6

That's quite a story! It sounds like you handled it extremely well. I am so happy to hear Randy Jr. is doing well, and I am also happy that you can have him home with you. You're going to be a great mom! Keep in touch!


torbman - June 6

Layla, I am in the same situation. My water broke at 31 weeks and 4 days. I am now 32 weeks and 4 days and waiting to go into labour. I makes me feel better that all went well for you. I just finished my antibiotics today. Had no contrations though, yet. I am glad that all went well for you. Congradulations. By the way, did they give you the two steriod shots in your hip? I have had those to help soften his lungs and mature them. Take care (Tamara)


Layla - June 6

thanx so much to all of you...Atarahsmommy--- No I didnt have any signs of preterm labor that I know of. I barely even had BH contractions. I'm not too sure what caused the early labor. I had been carrying some heavy grocery bags the day before which I knew I shouldnt have been but I dont know if that was the cause. I had just did my last day at work 2vdays before because I wanted to take it easy. Too little too late I guess :-)...Tamara--- Your situation sounds almost exactly like mine. I was also on the anitbiotics and I also had the 2 shots in my hip which may have been my baby's saving grace. I wish you all the best with your labor and I hope all is well with your baby.


livdea - June 8

congrats layla! What a crazy experience I'm glad you are well!



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