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lianne - April 7

hi ladies...i feel so bad, i was so excited when i found out that i was pregnant, and now, at 30 weeks, i HATE it! i dont know what changed...maybe the fact that i have gained 33 frickin pounds already, and i cant barely bend over to tie my shoes...or the fact that i cant see to shave my bikini line, so i dont even want to go to the pool or beach for fear that someone might notice that i havent done the best job of maintaining a smooth shave down there, and i HATE having s_x with my husband because i cant find any comfortable position to have it in, and i just feel fat and gross...and on top of all of that I STILL HAVE 10+ weeks left, and i just want to feel normal again! i hate that i feel this way, but if any of you can relate please let me know what you think. i am sorry if i offended anyone, that is just not my intention, but i had to tell someone (so i thought of the women here), who can somewhat understand what i mean. thanks ladies for listening, and again, PLEASE, anyone let me know what you feel as well. good luck ladies, and i know that we are all getting the best reward in the end...our beautiful babies! take care.


Ciera.Danielle - April 7

I know what you mean! I'm 37w3days today and I've felt that way for a while. Hang in there though, things will get better when you finally get to see, hold, and kiss you little bundle of joy!!


newmom24 - April 7

I can totally relate!!! I am 35 weeks and I giggled when I read what you are feeling. Sign me up for all of that! My thing is that I still enjoy being pregnant, but am far more excited to see my little man. I usually wax myself, but not now. I am going in to deal with it now. As for feet and shoe tying- yep it is a challenge- put your foot up on a stool. Not being able to do my usual training regime has been the most hardest for me. I miss the intensity and how my body looked before. My advice, though I am sure you have heard before, is to try to embrace everything. Do not focus on the 'negative annoyances'. Sit down for a few minutes, talk to yourself and your baby and try to connect the best you can. I wish you all the best for the next weeks ahead.


lianne - April 7

thanks ladies for your sympathy...it makes me feel less crazy lol. i do try to keep sight of why i am going through all of this, but sometimes it is hard, like you said newmom...it is tough to not be doing your usual workout routines etc...i used to weigh 119, and now i weigh a whole lot more than that lol...so it just gets hard sometimes, and today just happens to be one of those hard days, so i thought that i would vent, but again, thanks for sharing how you feel with me etc, and i look forward to hearing from anyone else as well. take care!


Diane8874 - April 7

lianne...I COMPLETLY relate to you! I am 38 weeks now, and right around 30 weeks I started feeling the same way. I felt like I would never get to the end...but here I am....finally! I went through a week or two of just being depressed. I felt (and still do feel) fat...As of now I've gaing about 40 pounds and cannot wait to get rid of the fat I've gained during pregnancy. All I can say is that you will eventually start to feel a little better as you close in on the last ten weeks. I guess a few weeks ago I finally just cried "uncle" lol....and yes, the reward we get at the end of pregnancy is well worth all we go through. It's just nice that we are able to vent and say how we really feel to other pregnant ladies on this site. Good luck to you!


ash2 - April 7

lianne, dont worry, i started feeling this way recenty because its summer and whil everyone is in their bikinis and shorts and tanktops, we are in these awful looking maternity clothes and dont look cute at all to any MEN ! i would hate to think what my husband is thinking right now when he sees a pretty , skinny girl pa__s by with no stretch marks, and cute tiny legs . but when he looks at me, i feel he sees a swollen pregnant wife, that he wishes could get back to normal when we first met, and s_x like it used to be. i have already pa__sed my weight with what i delivered at with my first son, and it was depressing to see that on the scale yesterday. but i am 32 weeks now, and may go early, so im guessing 7 more weeks of this feeling. but you are right , it is definantly worth it in the long run when you feel him come out, and hold him, you forget all about it , BECAUSE NO MATTER HOW UGLY YOU FEEL, THAT BABY THINKS YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING THAT HE EVER LAID EYES ON!!! and you will be the first one he looks at! . good luck ladies.....


Suzanne - April 7

Honey, i am right there with ya! I am 36 weeks and I have hated every minute of being pregnant. My hubby is a model, and now I look like a hippo and it has been so hard. The best advice I can give you is to just accept it all right now. Forget about what you look like because it is out of your control. When you think you can't get any bigger, voila, you do! One day I just looked in the mirror and laughed, then cried, then said screw it. This has been a very humble experience for me and finally I just gave up and decided to take care of it all after the baby comes and now I can handle it with a few less tears. This is one thing you cant get out of, or pay someone to take care of. It is almost over, hang in there!


AlissaF - April 7

I understand what you are saying. I've hated being pregnant this whole time (i am almost 28 weeks). I'm excited for the outcome, but I do not enjoy the actual pregnancy part. Early in my pregnancy, my mom bought me a book that I completely related to and made me laugh, so I though I'd pa__s it on to the rest of you. It's called Knocked Up by Rebecca Eckler. Read it... you'll laugh and know you're not alone!


Annette - April 7

Oh, Sweetie... don´t feel bad. Pretty much all of us have felt that way, I did my entire pregnancy. At least you are still having s_x. I had my baby and trust me... it is really worth it! Pamper yourself a bit.... you deserve it!


sphinxminx - April 8

hearing you Lianne, I have been on bedrest since I've been 25 weeks, I have already surpa__sed the weight gain from my first pregnancy, and the doc keeps telling me this baby is a lot smaller...........My first was 8lbs 5 ozs..... I miss work and am totally jealous of the freedom my husband has with our 2 year old, they have gotten closer since I am limited with the things I can do, plus he can take off when he wants. I am going stir crazy. We are moving into our new home May 1st so we have been staying with my mom since February. I have been trying to be patient with the way they are with my daughter, can you say spoiled (junkfood givin at inappropriate times) I am getting frustrated because I haven't been able to go baby shopping or do any nesting..... By the way I am 36 weeks today, doc says he will not induce me. I just keep praying that this all ends soon, I miss the outside world.


junemommytobe - April 10

Lianne, I can relate to you 100%. I am 32 weeks today and I can't take the discomfort any longer. I can't do much without getting totally out of breath and it kills me. I just try to keep in mind I am close to the end and I will soon see my little girl. Don't feel bad, I gained the same amount as you and I feel huge. I was 125lbs before the pregnancy so it's a big change for me. Just try to stay positive........the end is near....hang in there.


Prissanna - April 10

I thought it was just me. LOL I never felt this way with my first, but I'm already tired of being pregnant with this one! I can't sleep at night, gained more weight than I care to mention (although the Dr. says I'm fine), swelled like a Good Year blimp, look like a whale, etc. I see pregnant women all the time and they look SOOOOO cute and then there's me. Pathetic. Does anyone feel guilty for feeling this way? I feel like I'm doing the baby wrong by not enjoying my pregnancy.


rachel_renee_20 - May 10

35wks feel the same I thought I would be one of those women who love being prego but no, S_x is a lot less frequent and when we do have it it's uncomfortable, I want to wear normal clothes and shop for clothes again. Can't shave and feel fat and unattractive.


Rachel0510 - May 11

Hey rachel_renee_20: Is renee your middle name??? Rachel Renee is my name also! That's so cool.


Prissanna - May 11

I'm not really "into" being pregnant either. I mean, I love this baby and I so much enjoy it when he moves and I love the fact that hopefully he will be here in 9 weeks or less, but it is no joy ride. This is my second child and I fairly enjoyed my first pregnancy but this one has been harder on me. Since this is my last child, I've wondered (way back before I got tired of this pregnancy) if I'd be sad that I wasn't having any more babies. I can gladly answer that question now with a NOT!!!!



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