I Have Gained 83 Lbs Anyone Else

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Tjane - June 19

This is more of a vent but I started out about 50 lbs overweight alread and since I have been pregnant I have gained 83 lbs as of today. At the doctors this morning I had gained 8 lbs in the last 2 weeks. I do not pig out but I also eat when I am hungry. I eat a variety of foods, fruits vegetables, meats, I drink alot of milk, and I eat junkfood, I eat fastfood once a week and have a coke every other day. I am not constantly eating though my weight would say something different. I just wanted to share because I see these posts where women are worried about 30, 40 even 50 lbs, imagine 83.... My blood pressure is fine, no diabetes, urine is always fine.... I have had no complications (knock on wood) through the entire pregnancy.... Dr doesnt know why and i dont either.... All I can say is WEIGHT WATCHERS HERE I COME!!!!!! When people see me they say "Oh,poor Tommi" Im so fat people feel bad for me!!!! Oh its frustrating, my unborn babys father was getting onto me for crying about it but I couldnt help it. I dont have any medical condition that causes the swelling but mine is severe... so I havent been able to walk lately... I guess I am just venting. I have never been so immobile in my life..... OH I am 35 weeks and 1 day


Tjane - June 19

due 7/23/06


Catherine - June 19

it's okay, if you're motivated, you will lose it. as long as you and baby are healthy, that is all that matters. You're pregnant, you are supposed to gain weight. Don't worry too much, you will lose it.


ashley - June 19

well I started out about 10-15 lbs heavier than I did when I was pregnant with my daughter, granted I had lost all the weight from that pregnancy, but did slowly gain some more over the years. I have now gained close to 40 lbs. Good news for you is you'll probably loose a ton right off the bat if its water weight. I had a friend who did that, she lost like 30 lbs just from having her baby! Good luck. At least you are gaining it on good foods not bad. On top of being 50 lbs overweight when you started you gained an additional 80 lbs or you are not "83 lbs heavier than you care to be?"


Tjane - June 19

no just a total of 133 lbs overweight now instead of 50! im okay, i will be okay but i wonder if i would float away into the sky if i ate whatever i wanted.... i am almost 6 feet tall and very "thick"naturally so i carry the weight well but i dont think anyone could carry this much weight well..... and thats what my dr said, she said i would probably lose 30 right off because it is from swelling but man, it is wearin me down now....i was just wondering if anyone else has gained this much....


ashley - June 19

Well like I said i have gained about 40, I am not tall like you and I am not having any swelling so I really don't think its water weight. I gained 6lbs in 2 weeks once! YIKES. hang in there, it will come off.


mommy2be27 - June 19

Don't feel too bad... last April I weighted 242 lbs and decided to go on a diet. I lost 75 lbs between April and September. After doing so well, suddenly I just could not stay on the diet anymore... I craved eggs, milk, other foods. I gained back 20 lbs before finding out I was pregnant in the beginning of December. As I'm writing this I am a total of 260lbs, 75lbs over when I found out I was pregnant, 95lbs over my lowest diet weight. No diabetes and an uncomplicated pregnancy, so I just have to lose the weight again. After being on such a strict diet, then finding out I was pregnant, I treated myself and ate ice cream, cake, McDonalds... for a good while. I'm trying to be better now, but I'm due in 3 days.


miraclebaby - June 19

Tjane, I am sorry for you, this baby is going to be great for you and even though you have to get through this tough weight loss, it will be worth it. I guess there are worse things, but I do know how you feel. I have people ask me everday are you sure there is one in there. or you are hugh. Maybe yours is just water and you will be ok. In any event, keep strong and look at the beautiful outcome and good luck



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