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E - April 14

My doctor told me at 35 wks i had to do a routine test to check for gbs, it turns out that i am positive. Now im researching it on the web and find it to be a very scary topic, I am a first time mother and am really concerned..


heidi - May 27

What were you symptoms...please be frank!


citrouille - May 27

sorry to be ignorant but what is gbs?


Jenn - May 27

Group B Streptococcus


Jennifer - May 27

When and how do they test you for that??


Katharine - May 27

I think they routinely check for that with v____al and a___l swabs before birth. I had it with the last pregnancy, which is what I think caused the UTI I had when I went into labor. You have to have two doses of antibiotics intravenously when you go into labor to avoid pa__sing it on to baby. They can't give the drugs to you earlier, because the bacteria can grow back before you give birth. When I went in, they were only able to give me the first dose an didn't get the second in, so had to keep my baby in the hospital for 48 hours to make sure she didn't contract anything or have any problems. She didn't. The only problem I had was that I was allergic to the antibiotics I got for GBS and the UTI, so ended up with a full-body rash! With my second pregnancy, I was told that I would automatically be treated since I had it last time. I was just reading a brochure about it yesterday and 10- 30% of women are positive for GBS, so it is fairly common. With treatment, there doesn't seem to be much risk for the baby.


jo - May 27

don't be worried. my friend has it and with her first baby she had to be on antibiotics for two hours before the baby was born and everything was completely fine. it's not that scary at all and at least the doctors can do something about it before you deliver.


Syn - May 31

My midwife just told me about thins. she said that all females have it but that at times its higher levels and if your baby is to be born when u r at a high level then they like to give u medicaction every 4 hours untill the baby is born. this is not really for the mother but because when the baby is born it comes out a blank slate and can't fend off infection. the medication however gets into the baby before its born to help protect it. apparently to wait for the baby to be born and then show symptoms is dangers because then when they try to treat it they r playing catch up. she also said that 1 in 600 people/babys treated would actually get sick but since that 1 baby might be your baby ( I don't actually me you) its best to treat all 600 woman. just to be safe. but still apparently we all have the bacteria it just the level of it that maters.



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