I Just Had To Share My Weight

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Amber - November 15

So i went to the DR for my 28 week appt today, and when i stepped on the scale we were all shocked. i have put on 15 pounds in 4 weeks. I know its all the sugar ive been eating and drinking, but i just NEED it. Its horrible. Any suggestions? Im going through chocolate like water.. and its scary. Im never going to lose the weight. This makes 30 pounds so far :(


misty - November 16

amber~ Plese don't worry! I go in tomorrow for my appt and I know I have put on the weight too!! Darn halloween candy, plus cravings. Im not worried tho. As long as our babies are healthy! I will let you know how much weight I put on. Besides enjoy that stuff while your pregnate because you probibly wont like it much afterwards!!!!


Dana - November 16

Amber, you and I are in the same boat. If it is a doughnut or something chocolate, I have to have it. Poor dh, he runs out about every other day to get me whatever I am craving at the moment. I had my 29 week appt yesterday and have gained 35 lbs so far. The doc is not worried, so there is no reason I should be. I will worry about losing the weight when this is over, but until then...enjoy!


Sam - November 16

I'm not far behind you and I haven't been eating a lot of sugar or junk. I wouldn't worry about it, but if you're going to eat junk, make sure you eat lots of good stuff, too. My pregnancy diet has simply been EAT MORE. If you want it, eat it. Hey, this is the only time in your life where you can — or should — really get away with it.


kris A. - November 16

Amber, this may sound harsh, but you asked for suggestions, so here is mine. Slow down, and refrain from sugar and chocolate as much as humanly possible. It is human nature to say "I can eat it now because I am pregnant, I can gain the weight because I am pregnant, I SHOULD be able to get away with it." Not True. The end of your pregnancy will be absolutely miserable if you have a huge weight gain, and it is extremely difficult to get the weight back off, which is why so many moms never do. Now is the time to eat more healthy than you ever have before, to protect your body and your baby. I am due on Monday and gained 28 pounds so far - but have been really careful about food choices. I am tall and thin, but thin because I watch my diet. It has helped my stay energetic through the pregnancy, feel better about myself, and i know I will drop right back to pre-pregnancy weight. I eat candy, but few and far between. Stick with fruits and veges - much better for you and the fruits are still delicious. You still have 12 weeks left, use that time to adjust your diet, try to exercise, and you will be rewarded with a better new you and baby makes two! Best of luck! :)


Amanda - November 16

Going to the doctor and stepping on the scale is the most depressing thing I think. I had an appointment yesterday and gained 3 pounds in 2 weeks. The doctor is not worried at all and said that my weight gain is perfect for my height. I am 34 almost 35 weeks pregnant and have gained 35 pounds so far. I am not too disappointed...yeah I would have liked to gain a little less but if I only gain a little more I will be very satisfied.


lila - November 16

Amber, just make sure it is not from swelling, sudden weight gain can be a sign of preeclamsia. Not to scare you. good luck!


Ginny - November 16

The cravings are so hard to resist! I've actually been pretty healthy and active, but my last lab work showed high blood sugar! It was right after Halloween, and I tons of candy left over - that I had eaten almost all at once. Up to that point, I didn't have a big problem, but knowing I can't have sweets now has been driving me insane! I go to the dr. again Thurs. and I am praying for low blood sugar! So just a word of advice- try not to do anything that you'll have to pay for later!


Charity - November 16

I'm 30weeks and i've gained 30ibs. But like Misty said as long as we all have healthy babies thats all that matters. After delivery, diet here we come!!


Tati - November 16

I was 28 weeks when I had doc. appoint I gained 30lb. After that I tried to watch what I eat. I try to stay away from sweets. If I want something to chew I get crushed ice it helps. Now I am almost 35 weeks and I only gained 3 lb after my last visit. Also Amber if you want to control your weight try not to eat after 7pm. It helped me stay the same for the past what six weeks. Good luck to you all that are trying or not.Just wondering, when are you do Amanda?


rl - November 16

omg I thought it was bad that I gained 2lbs in 2wks I am 28wks and have gained around 16lbs so far but I say that being pregnant is the only time we don't have to worry about being thin so have fun....one warning the sugar is not so good for the baby you don't want to have a 10lb baby I have gestational dibetes have had it with all my pregnancy's this is my 3rd I have to watch my diet as I am small and do not have to take meds for it but that is one thing the doc warns is having a big baby so please becareful with the sugar...( :


Amanda - November 16

I am due December 26th Tati...how about you???


Merissa - November 16

Amber--I know the feeling! I'm 29 weeks, and gained 8 pounds in the last month for a grand total of 32 lbs. It was awful--I started crying. The doctor said to watch the calories and so I have been doing so since the last visit, but i'm really worried about how to tell the difference between eating more than I need and not eating enough. Im trying to eat when im hungry like before, but eat healthier, lower calorie foods now. I go in next week for another checkup--they're every two weeks now and I don't want to gain any more weight, but I don't want my baby to go hungry either. Do any of you ladies have advice on the matter? How can I make sure baby is getting enough and I'm not eating too much?


Beth - November 16

I went in for my appt at 26 weeks, and I had gained 9 pounds, doc wasn't worried but I was really upset, so then after that I wouldn't eat before I went to bed and I wouldn't give in to temptations as badly, and a month later I have only gained 3 1/2 pounds! Maybe I just had a growth spurt because I haven't really changed anyhting, but now I am more "aware" of what I'm putting in my mouth. It's hard though becuase I'm hungry for breakfast and lunch, but then I'm not hungry again, so I just have to eat anyways, my stomache doesn't know what's going on anymore :)


Amber - November 16

My big problem is hot cocoa. I cant get enough of it. Also all the halloween candy was on sale so i HAD to buy some! Now im sitting here with some milk and a box of sugar free cookies, and wishing they were tasty. No such luck! But the hot cocoa is REALLY yum. With that fancy International Delights French Vanilla creamer. Oh yum time! By BF has cut me down to 2 cups of cocoa a day, (its mostly milk and creamer, a hint of cocoa), one candy bar a week (i dont think i can make it). And less than one gla__s of sprite a day. But the baby LOVES the sugar! LOL, no its mostly me. I always have loved sweets, and always will. Time for another nasty sugar free cookie. Ill let you ladies know how my test comes back :P


Jean - November 16

I want sweets all the time, too, and I'm sure that's part of it, but it's true you may have had a growth spurt. I gained 8lbs in 3 weeks and my doctor was not happy... but I told her I was doing the best I could... then I did not change my eating/exercise habits at all and I've never gained that much weight again. I'm averaging about 1 pound a week now for the past two months. So don't worry too much.


Jen - November 16

Don't fret- my weight gain has been so freakin all over the place it's not even funny! Also, think about what you ate earlier in the day before the appointment- if you ate a lot of carbs or salt, these things really hold a lot of water in your body. Plus the doc told me that sometimes your body takes a while to "catch up" meaning that you might have been gradually putting it on and it just never showed up until now- these are her words, not mine. Either way, don't worry too much, and do not try to cut back on calories that nourish your baby...worry about getting it off after the baby is born, and just try and be as healthy as you can for now! By the way, my intense candy craving pooped out around 31 weeks, and my weight gain slowed way down (27 lbs at 39 weeks).



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