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ashley - June 26

My husband decided to go online (even after we narrowed down the names...guess he is not completely sold on the three) and he emails me his list... can you believe some of these names! No way in h__l would I name my kid 90% of these! Atticus, Barclay, Addison, Beacher, Beckett, Boyd, Broderick, Cain, Camden, Case, Charles, Clovis, Dante, Darwin, Dempsey, Desmond, Ean/Ian, Edison, Eli, Ellison, Emmet, Francis


HannahBaby - June 26

I like Addison, Beckett, Camden, Desmond (my nephews name), and Ian


Mingill - June 26

Oh my goodness, you have your work cut out for you! You may just have to wait till your son gets here, maybe then you'll be able to pick the perfect name. Good Luck!


Nerdy Girl - June 26

I actually like some of those names. My best friend has a baby named Charlie, and Eli and Ian were on our list when pregnant with my son. That's why there are 31 flavors, huh?


livdea - June 26

oh honey...you poor thing...give me a stick and I'll beat him up side the head for you! ;) no no no, some of the names are okay! I just know you've been struggling! Good luck!


soimpatient - June 26

Barclay!! That has to be the worst!


Colie - June 26

WOW!! I'm sorry, out of all those names, the most decent one to me seems to be MAYBE Charles or even Camden. Good luck with the names. I don't know what you think about this but Eric (my boyfriend) and I thought of the name Weston..... how about that?? (were having a girl so it wouldn't work for us)


sophandbob - June 26

Some of those names are pretty hard - cain, being the evil brother, barclay, being a bank, clovis soundin g rather like a loaf of bread, but then i suppose it is what you a__sociate with each name. Being a teacher it has been a mission to come across a name that i would rarely come across in a cla__s - hence tristan for my little boy to be.


ashley - June 26

Yes I have my hand full! I can't believe he wants to name some of these. Don't get me wrong a few I like. But I want to know what the heck he's thinking. CLOVIS? You might as well call him Beavis. Yeah I don't like Cain either, evil brother.


Ca__sie06 - June 26

haha. My DH's name is Charles. He said it is too old fashioned though and that he would never name his children that, so no jr's for us! lol. I kind of like Addison, and I know a few Case's. Ian isnt too bad either. Some of the rest are a little scary!! ;)


mom.2.5 - June 27

My little man will be 3wks on Wed., and I tried to give him a unique name, I added an N on Case and his name is Casen Rogue.


kaydenceb - June 27

hi we live in the uk and wanted to be different when we had our daughter we liked the caedence but didnt like the way it was spelt so we changed it to kaydence, it really suits her the little devil, theres not many kids over here with that name so im glad to be different, we are now having a little boy and naming him riley, just thought i would put my unique name in good look with the naming


falafal0 - June 27

Is he just joking with you? Some of them are ok...it's hard!



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