I Just Read Something Scary Can Someone Shed Light

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Mrs.Steve - October 13

I just read on about.com that some women with low iron can be denied an epidural. Is this true? This is freaking me out. An epidural is part of my birth plan. I cannot imagine not being able to have one. Does anyone know anything about this?


January - October 13

Usually it's a low platelet count that can lower the risk of you getting an epidural because it could cause a bleeding situation due to the fact your blood doesn't clot as well. I'm sure it's all tied together. I had my son completely natural no drugs and survived just fine. When weighing it out-- epi and bleeding to death.. no question.


January - October 13

oops.. lower the CHANCE.. not the risk. Sorry, risk on the brain lol


Pipa - October 13

What January said makes sense and if you think about it that probably relates to the low iron thing b/c anemic people bruise and bleed easily. We just had our epidural interview this week (where you meet with anesthesiologist) and one of the questions was whether you bruise or bleed easily, it makes sense that might be a concern. I would ask your doctor or a nurse especially if you've had problems with anemia.


tk07 - October 14

my iron was super low when i went in for labor (i had no idea) my Dr even said he couldn't believe i was walking around like that! but i still had an epidural and everything was fine.


sahmof3 - October 14

I had low platelets with my oldest son and they didn't want to give me an epidural or a c-section... but I ended up with both. It was a risk, but in my case, the lesser of two evils. See, I started pushing several hours into my induced labor and I was only 1/2 cm. dilated. The nurse told me I really needed to get an epidural so I wouldn't push when the contractions were kind of forcing me to bear down. I wanted an epi and had been in too much pain to ask for one, so it was a relief. I know my platelets were low with him, but I'm just not sure how low, but the epidural was a risk, but me pushing like that at 1/2 cm. was a greater risk, I guess. A c-section was an even bigger risk, but the fact that I was getting nowhere (dilation-wise) and my son went into distress after 24 hours made it a risk that they needed to take. ////// Anyway, so with my 2nd baby (a girl) I had a scheduled c-section with a spinal, no problem.///// With my 3rd baby I had a scheduled c-section and it was supposed to be a spinal, but my pre-surgery CBC came back that my platelets were 89 (that's actually 89, 000). My anesthesiologist said he likes the numbers to be 110 or more, but will do a spinal at 100, but at 89 he wanted me to be under general anesthesia, as he said that placing a spinal could be "devastating" as far as bleeding somewhere in the spine, so I had my youngest son under general anesthesia.


sahmof3 - October 14

Oops, I didn't really answer about the iron lol. My iron was low with all three during pregnancy, but I took supplements and it was up to an acceptable level before I gave birth, so iron wasn't actually a factor for me.


wailing - October 15

My iron was insanely low throughout my pregnancy. I've been anemic my whole life. I got an epidural, they never asked about it. It went fine


bessants - October 16

I had really low iron not sure about epidural info and being allowed it but I started to take Spa-tone as advised by midwife its comes from boots is a little drink about 3 sips per sachet and provides upto 8lbs of equlivent iron as broccli


redmondsky - October 16

Hi sahmof3 - I just found out my platelet count is 110 - they are not sure why. Due to the high risk nature of my pregnancy I am scheduled for a c-section beginning of december. Is there anything you can do to raise the platelet count? didn't have this trouble with my first....I did have a really bad bacterial sinus infection and was put on antibiotics in sept - I wonder if fighting off that infection could have lowered my counts?


redmondsky - October 16

Oh and sahmof3 - one last question - what was it like having the c-section under general? our last was spinal....we may have to go general if my platelets drop anymore....



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