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livdea - June 20

All I want is a solid Teal colored bumper pad for my little girls room and I can't find one ANYWHERE! It's frankly starting to p___s me off. I've looked online, in stores...all over. I just want a plain, teal bumper pad!!!!! My girly will be here SOON and I have so much to do in her room still! I JUST WANT A TEAL BUMPER PAD! Any ideas...so I can regain my sanity? Please?


Mingill - June 20

What about having one made? You could get the fabric and pay someone to sew it for you.


livdea - June 20

hmmm...not a bad idea...I'm afraid that may cost more..but I just might have to take that chance...actually it could be cheaper...??? I'm just not thinking straight...at all. Who would have thought I would get SO upset and obsessive about this bumper pad?! Thanks for the wake up call Mingill!


Nerdy Girl - June 20

Did you look at JCPenney or Babies R Us? We got some solid blue and yellow bumper pads there.


babyluv - June 20

Hi Liv, just a thought, but maybe you could get a solid white or cream and dye it yourself? I don't know anything about that kind of thing, but just an idea...good luck!


Audrey - June 20

Livdea, I had a similar problem. If you go to any fabric store near you you can find, along with all of the stuffing, bumper pads already cut out and everything, that just need to get covered with fabric. If you have a relative that is handy with a sewing maching, it would be easy to sew them up, as I think they give directions on the dimensions to cut your fabric, etc. Good luck!!!!! Why are we so picky?? I am the same way!!! Things just have to be perfect, even though it is all for us because baby won't really care!! :))))


Shannah - June 20

I found this, I know it is not exactly teal but might work, hope you find something. http://www.babybedding.com/product.asp?number=58


livdea - June 20

SHANNAH! I LOVE YOU! Why couldn't I find that?!!! SERIOUSLY, I'VE BEEN LOOKING MONTHS!!!! IT WORKS...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ashley - June 20

Livdea-i know you said that other would work, but if thats to e xpensive for you, what I did was put an "Ad" out on ebay under the "want it now" and I got a million and one responses for people wanting to sell me there product. I was looking for cla__sic pooh bedding set that wasn't to outrageous in price along with matching accessories. I found a HELL of a deal. bumper pad, sheet, quilt, 2 valance, changing table pad, crib skirt and diaper hanger all matching for 40 dollars. Dont look for them, let them look for you!


livdea - June 20

oooo...thats another good option Ashley! I've just been looking for months...I did look on ebay but not under the "want it" section. I'm going to hunt a bit more but I'm SO happy to know that there is that Aqua one!!


tryingx3 - June 20

If you bought a used one and had it recovered by someone, you could buy fabric at Wal-mart or somewhere like that and it might be a lot less expensive. Shouldn't be too hard to recover.


Nita_ - June 20

livdea - LOL!! I'm the same way as you..very picky!! Of course the babies don't care what color and all, but it has to be perfect! you sounded just like me! hehe


pbj - June 20

What about buying a white one an dying it? I don't know if the color would come out even, but you could try. I wanted plain red basket liners for my dd's room and couldn't find them anywhere, so I just dyed the beige ones they came with. It doesn't look totally perfect, but I could've done it again and maybe it would've come out better.



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