I Keep Gaining And Gaining And Gaining

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K - October 11

I am due in 2 days and can't stop gaining more weight! I watch my diet. I have gained 38 lbs. and feel like a cow. There is no way I am going to lose this weight! I am getting depressed. Many women say they lose alot br___tfeeding but I am bottle feeding.


Carol - October 11

I've gained 38 lbs with 3 weeks to go.You can't get much worse than that.


Phat - October 11

You sure can get worse - I'm 5 days away from due date and have gained 45lbs !!!!!!!! Just can't sweat it right now - it sucks, but we can work on it hard core once this little creature comes out!


Erica - October 11

I gained 51 lbs and I had my baby at 34 weeks, so it could be a lot worse!


K - October 11

Any suggestions on weight loss?


Jen - October 11

Hi ladies. I have gained 26 lbs at 33 weeks, but I am short (5'3"), so I feel like a cow!!! There is a really great website that I used before I got prego called fatburn.com. The site has a calculator where you put in your height/weight now and it tells you how many calories you burn doing anything from sitting on your b___t to running a marathon. It also allows you to put in how much you want to lose and how long you want to take to lose it, and it will tell you how many calories to eat each day, etc. It is a really good site to get you on the right path, and it is free. It makes you feel better to at least set a goal, and know that if you follow the recomendations, you can get your old body back (although it is looking like a long time for me...) LOL!


Erin - October 11

K, I have read everywhere (What to Expect, internet) that the last two weeks you really pack on the water weight, that is very normal, and this water weight comes off again soon after birth (it might take a few days or weeks but it does come off). That is why all of the "stars" like Britney Spears and Co. schedule C-sections for 2 weeks before their due date so that they can bypa__s all of the end-of-pregnancy bloating. So any weight you have gained right at the end that doesn't seem to be related to eating is probably water weight. I hope this helped a bit, good luck with your delivery!


NG - October 11

Hi K I understand how you are feeling, I have a few weeks to go and my weight is skyrocketing, but I am sure it is my baby that is putting on the weight and not me. Try not to worry about your weight gain.In a few weeks you would have lost a large part of it. They do say that b___st feeding helps women lose weight but that only happens if they eat well. When b___st feeding many women get hungry more often so eat more than they need to. Find a healthy eatting plan to follow and stick to it from day one after you baby is born, the weight will fall off


Ca__sie - October 11

38 lbs is not that bad. It is normal to gain between 25-35 lbs, so you are right about there. You make some of us feel like whales. I've gained over 40 lbs and I have 8 weeks to go!


jorden - October 12

i gained 62lbs with my son. I had him june 20th, 2005. It really surprised me because i was in the hospital for 4 day(c-section) and i lost 45 lbs there. I was so happy. My doc always got on me about my weight and told me it was going to be really hard to lose it and i lost a lot in the hospital. So dont worry, you'll lose all your baby fat :)


Julie - October 12

I gained over 50 with my first and I lost about 13 at the hospital the rest took a good 8 months. This time I have gained about 35 hopefully it won't take as long to lose.


Christy - October 12

I have already gained about 40-43 pounds and am only 33w4d. I am also taller (5'9") and the doctors don't seem worried at all about my weight gain. K- I wouldn't sweat it. There is nothing you can do about the gain at this point, and it sounds like you are in the "normal" range for weight gain. I bet a lot of it comes off on its own, especially if you go back to eating as you did pre-pregnancy. I like Jen's suggestion, and may check out that site. I was thinking that I'd take the baby out for stroll in his stroller outside, but the weather will be bad here until probably April or May! So much for that idea. I guess that is one of the downsides of having a baby in the fall/winter. I wonder if there are any exercise cla__ses or tapes you can do with your baby? Anyone hear of anything like that?


MJM - October 12

I am at about 28 wks. and I I have gained about 30-40 already. But it is all in my b___bs, belly and b___t


Christy - October 12

MJM- I hear you. I went from a 36A to a 38C bra and my b___t needs a sticker that says "wide load" now. LOL. Funny thing is that no one seems to think I've gained that much weight. Most people tell me that I am "all baby" and that I look really good. I'll take those comments any day! I keep looking at all the women I know who have had babies and the vast majority of them are back to their pre-pregnancy weight. All of them complain that their bodies are different now, that the fat has been redistributed to different parts, but I think most of them look the way they did before baby.



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