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kah - October 19

Ok, I know I shouldn't have peeked at my baby shower registry, but I was always one of those kids that tried to find her Christmas presents when I was a kid... I just couldnt help myself!! Anyway, I am a bit nervous, only 3 things have been bought off my registry! I was just wondering how much stuff other people that have had showers got off of theirs. I am just afraid I am going to end up with 45 onsies and 32 blankets and nothing that I really need. I know I sound ungreateful, I don't mean to, I know its the thought that counts. But I was just a little shocked... I am sure I will catch some h__l for this post... sorry : (


jessie - October 19

No - I think almost all of us do it. And you're right to be nervous. Only know this - most everything can be exchanged or returned. I got 10 baby blankets at my baby shower, and only one outfit that will actually fit my little one when he first makes his arrival. Yikes! Also, many people don't figure out that they need to take the registry list to the register with them...so other things may have been purchased but not recorded. And for one last bit of hope - gift cards are not recorded on a registry! You may get plenty of those. Otherwise, good luck!


13 - October 19

the same thing happened to me. not much of anything was purchased from our registry (i looked too). Instead i got many of the same outfits. I wouldn't feel bad if i were you. It just means one more added trip to the store for returns. I still don't feel like i am ready yet with all the items and stuff i need. I figure it will all fall into place somehow. It has to for me because i was put on bed rest 3 weeks ago and haven't been able to get out for any last minute shopping.


pbj - October 19

I personally wouldn't be nervous. People are last minute shoppers, and a lot of people love giving gift cards. I've had my registry set up for 2 months now. Not a darn thing had been purchased before this past weekend, and my shower is this weekend. A friend of mine had her shower last month, a huge one too with over 100 people (men & women), I purchased her gift 2 days before the shower and no one had purchased anything off her registry before me. She received everything off her registry at the shower, so I'm sure most people stopped by the store on the way to the shower. Really, don't worry about it, you may just have family & friends who are procrastinators. Good luck!


tracy - October 19

kah - my experience with my shower - which i did register for at babies r us - was not a great one. we received only 4 of the things we registered for, and got mainly outfits from the ladies who attended. the group of women were older (like 55 +) and i'm having a girl, so that might have had something to do with the serious amount of frilly dresses i received .. all lacey, and in 0-3 months size. oh well! like you said, it's the thought that counts :)


ray - October 19

my shower is this weekend and i look too, nothing at all has been bought off of my registry and im afraid of getting stuff that we dont need.


Tigerphoenix - October 19

Don't worry about it. Only 4 things where taken off of my regestry. You have to remember 1) not everyone shops at the place you have your reg at 2) Not everyone remembers to take the items off of your reg if they do shop at that store and 3) Maybe some of the bigger stuff they want to take you with them to buy (that is what happend with alot of the stuff with me. My mom, MIL, and sister wanted to take me to make sure it was really the one I wanted and not just the one I was going to settle for *Im very money contious when it comes to stuff like that*). And even if you do get a million onsies they probably wont be all the same size or type so you will have plenty to last you through out the first year (another thing that happend at my baby shower) =)


kah - October 19

Thanks! You guys have made me feel a lot better. I think its just stress, with everything going on and the dreaded hormones. Everyone keeps telling me to wait to buy stuff until after my shower, so I feel like I am in this state of "limbo". I know what I need and want to get started buying it! (I am such a planner) My shower is Sunday, so I will let you all know how it pans out!! Wish me luck!! And thanks again!


TO: HA - October 19

Ha- I can see why no one bought you anything!


jackie - October 19

Please ignore Ha's post...that was completely unnecessary!!! I had my shower this past weekend and received only a few items off registry and most were duplicates..strollers mainly..i have 4 now. I also received a few baby monitors and bouncy chairs that i did not register for because i already had them....so it just means i have to go back to the stores and return...as it stands now I have about $500 worth of stuff to return at target...


* :o) * - October 19

The post that says "Ha- I can see why no one bought you anything!" was to a person named 'Ha' that posted a rude comment,but they took it off, I didn't want anyone to think it was to Kah!


to ha - October 19

your right it's so much less selfish to have triplicates of everything and tonnes of stuff that will never be used, I feel so guilty now for returning all the stuff that my baby wasn't going to use for stuff that he will.....where do u get off with this sh***?


ha - October 19

why come on and complain that people havent bought you what you want? do you go on like that with christmas presents and birthday presents? like i said, in england we dont have baby showers and buy everything ourselves. be greatful you get something


HaHa - October 19

Yip Ha your right, we get nothing like that here in the UK we have to support our own and dont expect presents n stuff. You should be greatful!


J - October 19

Hell no returning gifts is not shallow. There is no point in wasting other people's money and your money if the things you received are not needed. You are a moron HA. If I bought someone a gift and they did not need it or want it, I would WANT them to return it so they could get something they like. That is WHY people register so they get the things they NEEEEED.


To HA - October 19

Just b/c we don't live in the same part of the country and don't have the same traditions doesn't mean you can come on here telling us we are un grateful. We DO have baby showers here and there is no point in keeping what we don't need just b/c YOU think it's ungrateful.


Jen - October 19

Kah- here's another idea...mention to your mom (or whom ever else you feel comfortable with) the items that you really need, and those you already have too many of...I have found that many relatives who do not "believe" in gift registry will call and ask her what I need/want. This way, she can pa__s it on!



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