I Know Its Wrong But

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Jen - October 19

Kah- here's another idea...mention to your mom (or whom ever else you feel comfortable with) the items that you really need, and those you already have too many of...I have found that many relatives who do not "believe" in gift registry will call and ask her what I need/want. This way, she can pa__s it on!


Jessica - October 19

This is all HA does. It comes on this site to bash others for know reason. The person likes and gets off on the fighting. So do not respond to their posts. I promise it will help.


jessie - October 19

to the UK women - i wouldn't be so quick to judge the returning of gifts by us US women. all stores here offer what are called "gift receipts" to give along with the gift in the case that it needs to be returned. for the majority of people giving, it is not considered an offense when a gift is returned. in fact, at my shower, i received two baby bouncers. when i opened the second one, the lady ran and got the gift receipt so that i could return it for another gift. it is somewhat normal. and yet, i felt bad that i would have to return one of them since so much thought went into getting it. however, according to you, i must keep both bouncers. please explain to me the sense in that?


you are lucky - October 19

Hi I am living away from family and friends and do not even have a registry or a baby shower, we have payed for eveything ourselves.


abc123 - October 20

I am just glad that I am not as angry and hormonal as Ha.. I actually feel sorry for her. To think that she must have been stuck with 4 light brites as a little girl when all she really ever wanted was an easy bake oven, but no one would let her exchange anything...


Tigerphoenix - October 20

Ha and HaHa. At baby showers and even bridal showers people will generaly get gift reciepts just in case a dupilcate is bought. No one feels offense to you returning gifts to get other things you need (so long as you are smart enough to buy for the occa__sion such as baby stuff in this case). It really makes no sense to keep 4 strollers when you only need one. One could return the other three and get the playpen that they need. If things are diffrent in the UK then that is fine but you really shouldn't go around insulting people about what they do especialy when they come from a diffrent culture.


Lesley - October 20

Why not just ask them for gift vouchers then you can get what you want in the style you want. I know if I bought someone a present and they took it back because they had one already I would be quite upset. It's also not fair on the person who ha to take it back either. They have to choose which one they would rather have, even though people have put a lot of thought into what they are going to buy.


To You are Lucky - October 20

That's your problem that you live away from family and friends. It's your choice not to have a baby shower, it's our choice to have one. I am thankful that I get to have one, but I don't think that people like you need to come here telling how lucky we are just b/c we have a certain tradition. People enjoy going to baby showers and people enjoy helping first time mothers out. I am excited for my friends baby showers and I enjoy buying people gifts to help them out. A baby is expensive especially when you it's your first and you do not have the first initial items. If someone got me something that I knew I would never use, I would take it back and exchange for something that I would use so then nothing would go to waste. We have had to buy the crib, the stroller, carseat, everything that is very expensive and I have registered for all the little inexpensive items that add up and are needed. If someone wanted to come to baby shower and didn't get me a present, I would not care I am not expecting any gifts from anyone but I think that a baby is a reason to celebrate and a baby shower is a good way to get together with the girls and away from your husband for a day.


LOL - October 20

Okay so according to those that are against returning things, if I get four cribs at my baby shower I am just supposed to keep them all and only use one? Or should I put them all up and switch back and forth every night so they are get used??? LOL, that makes sense. Lets waste $600 on cribs b/c it's rude to take them back. If I bought someone a duplicate of something I would be happy that they took it back instead of wasting my money and their space on something that they don't want or need. You people are ridiculous, get a clue.


mommy - October 20

A baby shower isnt begging, but a way for people to show thier respects for the parents for bringing a life into this world, same thing if you go to a funeral, you usually take flowers or a card or something, not being the family is begging for stuff because someone died, but for respect. I am having my 2nd baby and I had a baby shower with both of my children. It was a nice way for family and friends to get together before the baby is born, especially if your family or friends live far away. I have paid for everything my baby needs but the baby shower was nice to get extra bottles and onsies and baby blankets. Just because some countries dont do baby showers doesnt mean you should be mean to people who have them, it doesnt make you any better of a mother just because you paid for everything and didnt get any gifts. and for Kah, I looked on my registry and seen that very few things were bought and I ended up getting alot of doubles because some people didnt know how to read the registry and if it said something was already bought they didnt know. anyways, good luck and have fun at your shower, just remember its for your baby anyways so dont worry about what other "jealous" women might be saying.



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